iQA-Switch (sms module)

Start sending SMS communications today!

For our Australian based clients, iQA-Switch is our plug-in module which sits alongside your premier edition roomMaster Property Management System, allowing your property to communicate with guests in a whole new way, including;

  • Automatic SMS reminders for an upcoming reservation.
  • Manual SMS alerts for guests who have not arrived at their given arrival time.
  • Room ready notifications for those busy days when front desk have to delay a check in and notify the guest when the room is ready.
  • Maintenance alerts for the maintenance or housekeeping team to direct attention to urgent or pressing maintenance required.

The iQA Switch plugin is just AU$360 per annum paid in advance. If you would like to get started, purchase your license here; iQA-Switch Purchase

The iQA-Switch also requires text credits to be purchased in advance from SMS Broadcast. We strongly suggest taking a large initial purchase as there is a significant discount offered on your first transaction. Please have your SMS Broadcast subscription completed prior to installation - SMS Broadcast account setup

When these two elements have been purchased, please contact our team for an appointment to install and onboard your new iQA-Switch and we'll help you to get started.