Innovation Engineering

Learn the Approach:

What is Innovation Engineering: Innovation Engineering is a practical guide to creating anything new – whether in large firms, research labs, new ventures, or even innovative student projects.

It has been working in our projects at UC Berkeley and beyond: Our validation tests show that teams which properly use Innovation Engineering in their innovative projects have 2 to 4 times productivity. They also get higher quality results and actually feel happier about their projects.


This site offers resources for corporate collaborations, new venture acceleration, research lab partnerships, consulting projects, and classroom projects. Examples of our current projects topics at Berkeley include:

  • Auto-X: building AI/Data applications with Honda and Volvo,
  • 5G-X: developing new 5G /AI services with GSMA,
  • HM-X: Helping a major government tax service to use AI and data as part of the fraud detection capabilities of the agency
  • and many more...

All Innovation Engineering Projects must ...

  • Have members with technical expertise
  • Use a common process, mindset, behavior model, and leadership style
  • Share a project tracking model supported by AI tools designed to nudge and validate success

Why Innovation Projects require a Different Approach:

A Major Misconception:

  • Myth: A smart, technically-skilled team with a logical plan will be successful.
  • Not True: Smart teams with talented people and good plans fail all the time.

The challenge in developing any new technology, idea, application, or venture is that the innovator must be able to ...

  1. execute while also learning
  2. act with right behaviors and mindset,
  3. use a leadership style tuned for innovation.

Simply having a good plan and smart team is not enough.

Use the Innovation Navigator: Innovation Navigator, a spreadsheet based tool to reinforce inductive learning within the execution of an innovation project.

See Version 1.5 in Beta

The book is a reference guide: Engineering Innovation, the book – Available at Amazon:

A Path to Growing Your Innovation Skills:

For experts, technologists, industry-oriented faculty, and product managers. Experts who can actually innovate are needed everywhere.

  • Learn about the approach in a workshop. Develop understanding.
  • Check your innovation mindset and behaviors: See
  • Work with an experienced expert on a real life project
  • Accomplish a successful project with happy customers and/or managers/stakeholders.