🎧 LISTEN: The Rant Episode #66 - Patrick Dominguez - Getting Off The Hamster Wheel of Personal Development

Is personal development actually working? Or are you just spending more and more money on books and courses in hopes of “fixing” yourself? In his most popular podcast episode to date, Inner Coach CEO Patrick Dominguez shares how to achieve INNER FREEDOM.

🎧 LISTEN: Awaken Your Alpha Episode #373 - How to Build a 7-Figure Business & Transform Your Money Blocks with Patrick Dominguez

This episode is all about how to deal with your own money blocks and how to build a 7 figure coaching business (they both go hand in hand really).

🎧 LISTEN: Dare to Dream Podcast - The Visibility Wound: Banishing The Fear of Being Seen

What if you could release the wounds, triggers, and inner patterns that keep you from success?

What is you could have the inner peace and freedom you most desire? If personal development is not helping and you’re still buying money on books and courses but it’s not working, listen in because Patrick will share the Inner Freedom Process.

🎧 LISTEN: Get F***ing Real Podcast with Lisa Cherney - From Golden Handcuffs to Inner Freedom - with Inner Coach Founder Patrick Dominguez

In this episode, Inner Coach CEO Patrick Dominguez talks about the path he and his business partner took to build a multi-million dollar coaching company.

🎧 LISTEN: Mindset Horizon Podcast #18 - How to Heal Your Core Wounds and Become Fearless in Life and Business with Patrick Dominguez

Patrick Dominguez, Founder of Inner Coach, talks about how to heal core wounds and blocks that hold people back from reaching their full potential and push away success in different areas in their lives.

Patrick not only shares his incredible story of how he overcame his paralyzing fear of public speaking, but he also talks about the most common 5 core wounds and blocks that usually hold people back from reaching their goals. In this episode, he talks about these core wounds, gives incredible examples with previous clients and talks about the solution as well.

Patrick has personally coached and trained thousands of business owners to grow their business and to live their purpose.