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27th of july


16:00 ( Spain local time )

Statistical techniques to identify and handle outliers in multivariate data

Christos Grentzelos, Chrysseis Caroni, Inmaculada Barranco-Chamorro.


16:20 ( Spain local time )

Dynamic Domain Decomposition in space and time for Data Assimilation problem solving

L. D’Amore, R. Cacciapuoti

Cmmse2020 V2.2-compressed.mp4

16:40 ( Spain local time )

Diagnosis of left ventricular non-compaction through deep learning

Jesús M. Rodríguez de Vera, Josefa González Carrillo, G. Bernabé et al.


17:00 ( Spain local time )

Estimation of non-linear population parameters with nonprobability surveys

María del Mar Rueda, Ramon Ferri-García, Luis Castro Martín


17:20 ( Spain local time )

Regression models in complex survey sampling for sensitive quantitative variables

Beatriz Cobo, María del Mar Rueda, Antonio Arcos


17:40 ( Spain local time )

A justification via homogenization theory of the Darcy law for a non-periodic porous medium

Carmen Calvo Jurado, J. Casado-Díaz, M. Luna-Laynez

Video talk preview not available due to its size.

You can download it using the link on the right.

18:00 ( Spain local time )

Data driven approach for highlighting outstanding behaviour in sports analytics context

Francisco P. Romero, Eusebio Angulo, Eduardo Sánchez-

Image binarization using quantum computing.mp4

18:20 ( Spain local time )

Image binarization using quantum computing

Francisco Orts, A.C.Cucura, G. Ortega, E. Filatovas, E. M. Garzón


18.40 ( Spain local time )

WAF vs. RASP: comparing Web protection tools for different types of attacks.

Tomás Sureda, Juan Ramón Bermejo, Javier Bermejo et al.


19:00 ( Spain local time )

Numerical analysis of spatial distribution influence on the effective thermal conductivity of two-phase fiber reinforced composites

Germán Martínez-Ayuso, Carmen Calvo-Jurado


19:20 ( Spain local time )

Solving fully randomized first-order linear control systems: Application to study the dynamics of an oscillator

J.C. Cortés, A. Navarro-Quiles, J.V. Romero, M.D. Rosselló


19:40 ( Spain local time )

Isolated models and structured families of models

Cristina Dias, Carla Santos, Joao Tiago Mexia


Mathematical models for the study of invasion mechanisms of terrestrial species in (Nothern) Italy and not only ...

Ezio Venturino

28th of july


16:00 ( Spain local time )

A high-order numerical method for sediment transport problems simulation and its comparison with laboratory experiments

M. T. Capilla, A. Balaguer-Beser, B. Nácher-Rodríguez. F.J. Vallés-Morán

A new strategy to estimate extreme winds Cristina.mp4

16:20 ( Spain local time )

A new strategy to estimate extreme wind speeds

Cristina Sáez-Bonales, Carolina García-Martos, María Jesús Sánchez

On Combining Web Applications Static Analysis Tools to Improve OWASP Top Ten Security Vulnerability Detection.mp4

16:40 ( Spain local time )

On Combining Static Analysis Tools to Improve OWASP Top Ten Security Vulnerability Detection in Web Applications

Juan R. Bermejo Higuera, Javier Bermejo Higuera. Juan A. Sicilia Montalvo, Tomás Sureda Riera

Javier Bermejo A methodology for malware analysis in Linux environments MMALE 2020-06-28.mp4

17:00 ( Spain local time )

A methodology for malware analysis in Linux environments (MMALE)

Javier Bermejo


17:20 ( Spain local time )

Superpixel Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images using Waterpixels in Commodity Hardware

Pablo Quesada-Barriuso, Dora B. Heras, Francisco Argüello

Video talk preview not available due to its size.

You can download it using the link on the right.

17:40 ( Spain local time )

A strategy to avoid ill-conditioned stars in 1D with the Generalized Finite Difference Method (GFDM)

Augusto César Albuquerque Ferreira, Miguel Ureña, Higinio Ramos

Video talk preview not available due to its size.

You can download it using the link on the right.

18:00 ( Spain local time )

New results on system regulation and some applications to proactive cybersecurity

M. V. Carriegos, M.T. Trobajo

Video talk preview not available due to its size.

You can download it using the link on the right.

18:20 ( Spain local time )

Spanish airport network structure: topological characterization

María Teresa Trobajo de las Matas

Video talk preview not available due to its size.

You can download it using the link on the right.

18:40 ( Spain local time )

Ball comparison between frozen potra and Schmidt-Schwetlick schemes with applications

I.K. Argyros, D. González, Á.A. Magreñán, Í. Sarría

19:00 ( Spain local time )

Combining Statistical Matching and Propensity Score Adjustment for Inference from Non-Probability Surveys

Luis Castro-Martín, María del Mar Rueda, Ramón Ferri-García

Symmetry analysis of ZKB. Sol Sáez.avi

19:20 ( Spain local time )

Symmetry analysis of a generalized 2D Zakharov-Kuznetsov-Burgers equation with a variable dissipation.

Sol Sáez Martínez


19:40 ( Spain local time )

Towards a GPU-based Factorized Solution of Large-Scale Generalized Stable Sylvester Equations

Peter Benner, Ernesto Dufrechou, Pablo Ezzatti, Rodrigo Gallardo, Enrique S. Quintana Ortí

29th of july


16:00 ( Spain local time )

A class of weighted Hill Estimators

Federico Caeiro, Ayana Mateus, Louiza Soltane

Loginova CMMSE

16:20 ( Spain local time )

Efficiency of using artificial boundary conditions at computer simulation of contrast spatio-temporal laser-induced structures in a semiconductor.

Vyacheslav A. Trofimov, Maria M. Loginova, Vladimir A. Egorenkov


17:00 ( Spain local time )

A software cache auto-tuning strategy for dataflow computing with UPC++ DEPSPAWN

Basilio B. Fraguela, Diego Andrade

17:20 ( Spain local time )

Different types of stabilities for the Bessel equation

Alberto Simoes


17:40 ( Spain local time )

Designing an Asynchronous Fault Detection and Recovery for Message Passing Interface (MPI)

E. Saliba, C. Ford, Maria Pantoja, Chris Lupo


18:00 ( Spain local time )

Alpha Matte Acceleration

C. Kato, M. Pantoja, G. Fernández-Escribano

Rodica Luca Tudorache - CMMSE2020.mp4

18:20 ( Spain local time )

On a system of fractional boundary value problems with p-Laplacian operator

Rodica Luca Tudorache


18:40 ( Spain local time )

Parametric general solutions to fifth-order ordinary differential equations admitting gl(2,R)+R as symmetry algebra

Adrián Ruiz, C. Muriel

2020-07-13 18-58-09.mp4

19:00 ( Spain local time )

Solving nonlinear integral equations with non-separable kernel via iterative schemes

M. A. Hernández-Verón, Eulalia Martínez, Sukhjit Singh, Sonia Yadav


19:20 ( Spain local time )

Introducing randomness in the analysis of chemical reactions: An analysis based on random differential equations and probability density functions

J.C. Cortés, A. Navarro-Quiles, J.V. Romero, M.D. Roselló


19:40 ( Spain local time )

An intelligent system for management of energy modeled as a constraint satisfaction problem

Pablo Palomino, Juan Moreno-García, Luis Jimenez-Linares, Luis Rodriguez Benitez

30th of july

The relevance of U-matrices in connection with least squares estimators_ppt_video.mp4

16:00 ( Spain local time )

The relevance of U-matrices in connection with least squares estimators

Carla Santos, Celia Nunes, Cristina Dias, Joao Tiago Mexia


16:20 ( Spain local time )

A qualitative analysis of a Mycoplasma genitalium epidemiological model

Ricardo Almeida, M. Teresa T. Monteiro, Ezio Venturino, Luís Machado

Video talk preview not available due to its size.

You can download it using the link on the right.

16:40 ( Spain local time )

On the analysis of the fractal basins of escape in the N-body ring problem

Juan F. Navarro, Mari Carmen Martínez-Belda

Video talk preview not available due to its size.

You can download it using the link on the right.

17:00 ( Spain local time )

Local convergence comparison between frozen Kurchatov and Schmidt – Schwetlick – Kurchatov solvers with applications

Í. Sarría, I. K. Argyros, Á. A. Magreñán, A. Moysi, D. González


17:20 ( Spain local time )

Extending the Controller heterogeneous computing model to support FPGAs

Gabriel Rodriguez Canal


17:40 ( Spain local time )

Analysis of order reduction when Lawson methods integrate nonlinear boundary value problems

B. Cano, N. Reguera

Video talk preview not available due to its size.

You can download it using the link on the right

18:00 ( Spain local time )

A Quantum Key Distribution On Qudits Using Quantum Operators

Wachirapong Jirakitpuwapat, Poom Kumam

Celia Nunes_CMMSE_2020.mp4

18:20 ( Spain local time )

Extension of mixed effects ANOVA to samples with random size

Célia Nunes

Keivan Shariatmadar - Saturday, July 18, 2020 1.25.19 AM.mp4

18:40 ( Spain local time )

Travelling Salesman Problem under Uncertainty

Kevian Shariatmadar, David Moens


19:00 ( Spain local time )

Acceleration of a HEVC intra encoder with a parallel deep learning proposal

V. Galiano, H. Migallón, O. López-Granado, M. Martínez-Rach, M. P. Malumbres

presentation meltem uzun.mp4

19:20 ( Spain local time )

On Convergence of Second Order of Accuracy Finite-Difference Scheme for Coupled sine-Gordon Equations

Ozgur Yildirim, Meltem Uzun

31st of july

Video talk not available. Not provided by the author.

15:00 ( Spain local time )

Invariant measure for continuous open chain of contours with discrete time

Marina Yashina, Alexander Tatashev

Video talk not available. Not provided by the author.

15:20 ( Spain local time )

Optimal competition resolution rule for Buslaev binary chain

Alexander Tatashev, Marina Yashina

Video talk not available. Not provided by the author.

15:40 ( Spain local time )

Traffic Flow Prediction Model and Non-Holonomic Constrains in Wheel Carriage Dynamics

Vladimir Yashin, Grigory Rozenblat, Marina Yashina

Conferencia_CMMSE 2020 J.E. Macias-L.E.Piña.mp4

16:00 ( Spain local time )

Modified Hamiltonian Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou arrays wich exhibit nonlinear supratransmission

J. E. Macías Díaz, L. E. Piña Villalpando


16:20 ( Spain local time )

Relations between the general sum connectivity index and the line graph

Walter Carballosa, Domingo Pestana, Jose M. Sigarreta, Eva Tourís

2020-07-28 21-41-08.mp4

16:40 ( Spain local time )

Evaluation of task migration in Slurm

Esteban Stafford, Jose Luis Bosque


17:00 ( Spain local time )

Interaction of Aβ1-42 Chains and Fibrillary Seeds Studied by Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Maria Stepanova


17:20 ( Spain local time )

Enabling QoS provision in OPA switches

Javier Cano-Cano

Video talk not available. Not provided by the author.

17:40 ( Spain local time )

Ratio of correlated random variables: from the Theory of Copulae to Simulation results

Violetta Piperigou

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18:00 ( Spain local time)

PyDTNN: An Extensible and User-Friendly Python Library for Distributed Deep Learning

Adrián Castelló, Manuel F. Dolz, Enrique S. Quintana-Orti, Mar Catalán


18:20 ( Spain local time)

Bounded perturbation resilience of viscosity type proximal algorithm for solving variational inclusion problems with applications to image recovery

Nuttapol Pakkaranang, Poom Kumam

presentación cadiz video 01.mp4

18:40 ( Spain local time)

On the generalized atom bond connectivity index

Ricardo Ableu-Braya, Rosalío Reyes, José M. Rodríguez, José M. Sigarreta