The Weighted Decision Matrix

What is a Weighted Decision Matrix?

When it's time to make an important decision, you should lean on proven methods. This is one of those methods.

View our actual SOCaaS Weighted Decision Matrix here. Feel free to make a copy and use it for yourself.

The winner of our SOCaaS WDM process was Perch Security. The next-closest was only 80% of Perch's score.

(If you end up pursuing a relationship with them, please mention us as your referral source!)

If you need to evaluate SOCaaS providers, have a look at the actual weighted decision matrix we used to make our decision. Since even a 19% margin of difference between your requirements/scoring and ours still leaves Perch in the lead, if your evaluation crieteria are anything close to ours, we've probably saved you a lot of work. Just go with Perch.

What's for dessert?

Here's a simpler version of a weighted decision matrix for you to copy and play around with: Choosing Dessert for a Date