Undergraduate Research Day

Mark your calendar!

2020 June JICUF-URD will be held

from 3 pm to 6 pm on June 12, 2020.


Important dates

  • By 12 pm June 8 (Mon) Prospective presenters recommended by their advisors sign-up [LINK]
  • 4:30-6:00 pm June 8 (Mon) (Optional) Workshop "How to make an academic poster"
            • Location: Webex (more information HERE; also a link will be sent to signed up participants)
  • 6 pm June 10 (Wed) Submit Powerpoint files to seunghun@icu.ac.jp
  • 3-6 pm June 12 (Fri) JICUF-Undergraduate Research Day

This event is sponsored by a grant from Japan ICU Foundation.

All members of the greater ICU community are welcome to this event.

The next JICUF-URD event will be held on (F) February 12, 2021.

URD Ambassadors

Rika Hasegawa (Linguistics)

Miyu Iizuka (Psychology)

Kotomi Kobayashi (Sociology)

Misaki Kono

Tajima Nagisa (Psychology)

Sachiko Nakayama (Linguistics)

Hana Nishimoto

Yusuke Yamazaki (Psychology)

Organizing Committee

Olivier Ammour-Mayeur (Literature)

Hiroyuki Aoki (Education)

Allen Kim (Sociology)

Herman Salton (International Relations)

Hiroyuki Kose (Biology)

Seunghun Lee (Linguistics)

Tsujita Mari (Language Education)

Hiromichi Matsuda (Law)

Nozomi Naoi (Psychology)