Materials and Technology for a Flexible World

We offer custom solutions for nanoparticle based inks, flexible electronics prototypes, and custom sensor development


Nanoparticles inks for Inkjet, Aerosoljet, and Plasmajet printing.


Custom printed, flexible, and hybrid electronics and optoelectronics


Ink and device characterization, and custom ink development.


Description of Nanoinks


Metal nanoparticle inks are the heart of printed electronics. Metals comprise interconnects, vias, and contacts making them integral to every aspect of printed circuits. Our conductive inks span a wide range of conductivity and work functions to meet your circuit and device needs. We offer Pt, Au, Ag, Ni, Mo, Nb, and more.

2D NanoInks

2-dimensional materials are an emerging class of materials with physical properties that can be tailored based on their chemical composition and the number of atomic layers. We offer graphene, TMDs, and MXene 2D material inks.


Dielectric inks are essential for isolating electrical pathways, carrying light, and in MOS devices. We offer a variety of polymer and ceramic based dielectric inks to meet a variety of applications.


In addition to semiconducting 2D material inks, we can customize semiconducting carbon nanotube inks, and other semiconducting nanomaterials inks for inkjet, aerosol jet, plasma jet, and microdispense printing. We offer ZnO, MoS2, WS2, CNTs, and more