Here is a list of all the tools we use and what we use them for.


  • Website - This is the public-facing website for Indivisible Somerville, with information geared at prospective members and the general public. It hosts a blog, on the main page, that features writing by members and organizers. The blog is the seed information that is then spread to our social media accounts and the newsletter. We own both and, the usually share the .org one.
  • Newsletter - Our newsletter uses MailChimp, and sends new blog posts daily out to members. This is directly linked to the blog, any anything posted to the blog will be mailed out to the list at 4am the next morning.
  • Slack - A chat and messaging platform where we do most of our planning.
  • Google Calendar - Our canonical events calendar. If the event isn't on here, it's not official.
  • Members Area - You are viewing our members area. This is a Google site powered by Google docs that contains helpful information for members and leads. This site is publicly visible but is not meant to be publicly-facing. It's really a resource for members.
  • Google Drive - These power the members area site. There are folders for meeting notes and other important resources. Leads have access to edit and change.
  • Gmail & G Suite - we use gmail and Google suite with the address.
  • Ghost writer's area: If you are added as a writer, you can log into the writer's area of the website and edit content at


  • Facebook - We use Facebook for daily actions and sharing news. We also cross-post events on Facebook (events go on Facebook, Action Network, and the Google Calendar - read more here). We use Facebook more for spreading information to 1000+ members, not for organizing.
  • Twitter - Our Twitter auto-posts calendar events and blog posts.


  • Github - Github contains the code for our Ghost theme, and is the home for future tech projects. Wishlist is in the issues tab of the website repo.
  • Digital Ocean - This is the hosting service we use for our servers ("droplets"). We have two - one for staging and one for production. and both point to the production droplet.
  • Ghost - This is the blogging engine that powers our website. A Ghost instance lives on our server, and powers our website.
  • Airtable - member database


  • Venmo - Way of accepting donations.
  • Paypal - Way of accepting donations.
  • DonorBox - front end for our subscription and donation form.
  • Stripe - backend for DonorBox to handle donations.

Helpful Tools

  • Zapier and IFTTT - These services help tie other services together - like sending survey results to Slack, adding new users to the newsletter, etc.
  • Heroku - Heroku powers our Welcome Bot on Slack, greeting new members with basic Slack info.
  • Typeform - We use Typeform for all our surveys, including our registration/join form.
  • MailChimp - MailChimp powers our daily newsletter and nurture campaign for new members. When members sign up on the website, they receive a series of emails introducing them to the org.
  • Action Network - We advertise our events with the Action Network Indivisible campaign, so they show up on the parent Indivisible site.
  • Trello - We use this for tracking tech and design requests.
  • 1Password - Password management tool for leads.