Slack is how we do most of our group communication. It's basically a group of chat rooms, or channels. We have channels for each of our labs, a "general" catchall channel for chit-chat, and a few other channels which get to in a bit.

The best way to visualize Slack if you've never used it before is to imagine a giant house where all members of Indivisible Somerville are welcome. This house is split up into rooms called channels where members can go and have separate conversations about the issues they are working on. There is also a large living and greeting room, the #general channel, where everyone hangs out. It's a fun place to be. We hope you'll come spend time with us on Slack.

Slack Basics

New to Slack? Check out this overview.

Slack App: The best way to use Slack isn't on the web, it's with the Slack app on your phone or computer. You can download the Slack app here.

Slack profile: We do half our work online and half of it in person - so having a picture of your face is nice so people can recognize you! Learn how to edit your profile here.

Pinging: Spend some time on Slack, or around Slack users, and you will hear people refer to "pinging". This simply means including someone's username (e.g. @nina, @danfranchap, etc.) in a Slack message, which makes sure that that user gets notified of your message, even if they haven't been actively checking Slack lately.

Emoji! Emoji are a great feature of Slack and a big part of our culture at IS. You can use them too! You can even use them as reactions to others posts.

Slack Advanced Tips

Announcements: Administrators can ping a whole bunch of people at once - for example if you start a message with @channel, everyone in that channel will get notified of your message.

Pins: Pinned posts are a great feature as well. You can "pin" a post to a channel to have it easily accessible at all times. This is great for important items or announcements.

Slack Posts: Some labs like to take notes and share ideas in documents called Slack posts, which are like documents that live inside Slack.

Customize your Slack: You can customize your Slack theme so it uses the colors that are more appropriate to the work we're doing.

Copy and paste the following into a Slack channel for better colors:

    • #0F2446 ,#4A5664 ,#00AEF3 ,#FFFFFF ,#4A5664 ,#FFFFFF ,#e31818 ,#00AEF3