Resolve a Conflict

Procedure for handling a complaint or conflict:

In the event of a disagreement or complaint about org business, or if conflict arises within the org such that it negatively impacts a member’s ability to continue their work, the following steps are taken:

  • The issue is submitted by the complainant in written form to the Vice Chair ( If the Vice Chair is the focus of concern then the complaint is submitted to the Secretary (
  • The letter should reference which aspects of the code of conduct are in contention or being violated, or specifically state the issue if not directly related to the code of conduct. All relevant documentation, screen-shots, and other supporting material should be included in the complaint. The complaint must show either a pattern of behavior or an offense so egregious that it requires immediate attention.
  • A valid complaint must show an offense either prosecutable by law or demonstrating a pattern of behavior contrary to IS code of conduct. Issues that do not meet these criteria should be dealt with by the parties involved.
  • The complaint is reviewed by the Vice Chair who consults with at least one other nav member to determine if further action is required. In the event that cause is found, the Vice Chair will inform all parties in writing of the next step(s), including:

            • Conversation with the accused
            • Admonishment
            • Mediation
            • Suspension
            • Expulsion from the organization

  • In the event of a finding, the accused has the right to appeal the matter before the entire nav. Appeals must be in writing and emailed to the board. The appeal should include all relevant documentation, screen-shots, and other supporting material.