New Members

Indivisible Somerville and friends is a chapter of the Indivisible movement based in the Boston area. We focus on local activism guided by the principles of the Indivisible Guide.

If you haven't filled out our join form yet, do that now!

What We Do

We serve as an incubator for experimental activism called Labs, a resource for civics education (through our speaker series, Somerville Speaks, as well as monthly hands-on workshops and community events), and a training program for new leaders.

We publish actions that are sent across the state. We have an impact when people do small daily tasks together.

Most of our work is done in-person or on Slack. Slack is a chat platform that makes it easy to get in touch with anyone in the org in a secure and simple way. When you see names on this website starting with the @ symbol, this is referring to a member's handle, or how you would get in touch with them on Slack. You would just type the handle into the #general channel, and they will get a notification asking them to reply.

Whew, that's a lot to get through. Don't worry, you'll catch up really fast.

We are incredibly excited to have you join us. Let's get to work.

Next Steps

1. Join our Slack team. You have probably received an invitation in your inbox. This will take you through all the steps to join our crew. Once you're in, introduce yourself in the #general channel - tell us where you're from and what you're interested in.

2. Download the Slack app to your phone and computer. The apps are easier to use than the website, and you don't have to remember to check it. You won't miss out on important planning and conversations.

3. Add our calendar to your list of calendars. You can import into Google Calendar, Calendar app on the Mac, and Outlook. We also send out a weekly digest of events, so you can copy those into your planner as you go. We host events accessible to Somerville residents, and promote events that we feel are important and that our members would be interested in. You are free to attend extra events on the side, but our picks are pretty good.

4. If you have Facebook, join us on Facebook. We have over a thousand Facebook members, and use it to share news and promote events. You can also follow us on Twitter.

5. Come to a meeting! All our meetings are listed on our calendar. We have a monthly organizational meeting for the whole group, as well as a speaker and workshop series called Somerville Speaks. Individual labs (small groups) meet weekly or as needed, plus we also host get-togethers in coffeeshops and bars to just talk about activism and community. There's nothing you need to do - just show up!