To schedule an event or to get support with event scheduling and promotion, email

Posting the Event

We post events to three places (yes, it's a pain): Google Calendar, the Facebook page, and Action Network in the Indivisible campaign. The last one means we show up on the official map of events on the Indivisible Guide website, so we encourage you to post your events there.

  • Facebook - create an event from our Facebook page (not the group! The page has the ability to promote and advertise the event). All leads should have access. Add a good description and any venue notes. Invite all your friends from the Indivisible Somerville Facebook group to the event. Share event in Indivisible Somerville Facebook group.
  • Action Network - Action Network splits events into two categories: planning meetings and action meetings. Log in with the official account and create a new event in the proper category, using your good description from Facebook. Set the optional banner to the IS banner.
  • Calendar - Create a Google Calendar event with description. Set start and end time. Add either Facebook public event or Action Network event as the Event URL.

You can promote events on any other site you want, but those are the basic steps.

You can request design resources for your events from #creative.

New events from the calendar will be automatically posted to Slack #events by a bot.

Reserve Meeting Space

See our list of spaces here.