10 Minute Tasks

10-minute tasks are just that - tasks you can jump into at any point to help the org or a cause we're working on. The instructions are simple and quick; tasks are easy to learn and quick to complete. You can come help out anytime.

Help IS Reach more People through social media

Follow and promote IS through your social media accounts.

Requirements: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (whichever you have is fine)

Provided: Simple steps for a one-time action on each platform

Send Facebook Messages to Boost event attendance

Work off a spreadsheet to message people marked attending or interested in Indivisible Somerville-sponsored events.

Requirements: Facebook account

Provided: Script, names/links, instructional video

Create Twitter Accounts for IS Bot Team

Create an authorize a Twitter account for our Twitter bot team to use in their programming.

Requirements: none

Provided: Full instructions

Share IS Events in Facebook Groups

Help spread the word to interested folks by linking IS events in local Facebook groups.

Requirements: Facebook account

Provided: Links to events we need promoted, list of local progressive Facebook groups

Upload Images for IS Creative Team

Upload your Somerville and rally images, or help us catalogue our own, to help IS creative build their library of free images to use for designs.

Requirements: Google drive

Provided: Instructions, folders for images