We believe a revolution in entrepreneurship is underway. A student, armed with a laptop and a great

idea can create a company that reaches people around the globe, with just $5000 or less.

The INCUBATE Program has developed from an idea pitched by two entrepreneurial students back in 2012, to be an award-winning early-stage startup accelerator program, launching over 115 startups at The University of Sydney thanks to funding from the University of Sydney Union (USU) and INCUBATE Program Partners and Supporters

The INCUBATE Program is about growing your contacts, knowledge and skills to build a successful technology-based startup idea. The variety of ideas that have come through the program is huge; from clever keyboards, health and well being aids, sunglasses you can’t lose, genetic profiling, social and community apps, to drones, education, HR and financial transactions. We welcome applications from technical and non-technical founders.


2019 - Campus Link Most Successful Student Outcomes Program

2018 - Startcon Startup Accelerator of the Year

2016 - Startcon Startup Accelerator of the Year

2013 - ACUMA Best Student Development Program