Team Building Process (TBP)

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***** Weekly Promoter Challenge *****

***** How it Works *****


September 1, 2020 - This process is currently inactive.

March 11, 2020 - Club members will have more functionality within the TBP and the number of available membership slots will be limited. However, most of the content provided on this page, outlining some basic procedures to communicate change and participation; its all made available for free. Being a club member means you are prepared to take a more challenging and rewarding journey using productivity tools, strategies and tactics that leverages return to a more predictable and measurable level. That was a wordy statement but it will make more sense once you practice some team building activities. Later you can decide if you need access to specific tools developed by FJ World Inc.

Team Builder Process (TBP)

Follow the steps below and you will gradually learn how to build your own organization. An organization where you decide what will be your product and/or service to market to people all over the world.

Step 1

Get familiar with the spreadsheet below. It not only provides valuable data but when good data is properly analyzed and used effectively it will determine if a product/service is worth your time. Consider each line item in the spreadsheet as a service. A service that is expected to deliver something you need. Now continue on reading and follow the steps as outlined. You are part of a journey that is following a living process. A process that will generate signups to your preferred site. For the purpose of this guide, You2Surf has been selected by FJ as a preferred site. As you follow the steps you will see an organization being built for the future with an expectation of a minimum monthly income. Don't expect all the answers to all your questions. Just understand each step, one at a time, do them as documented. If a particular step does not make sense to you then stop. Do not continue your activity. Chat with your leader. There is no rush. You must complete Step 1 before you go to Step 2. Once you are familiar with the Traffic Exchange spreadsheet below you are ready to continue with our journey.

Traffic Exchanges

November 18, 2018 - The above spreadsheet is updated based on some test results and research into each listed service. If you do not find an item of interest you may post in our club hangout and/or ask questions. Provide some feedback. At some point you will have an opportunity to help in testing, evaluating and ranking the above listed services. More on this later.

Step 2

State your objectives. At this point of the journey it is imperative that we spell out our intentions. I said our intentions to emphasize that we are working together even if we are indirectly competing for the same lead to a specific program. This is where you start to realize the pros and cons of competition, cooperation, collaboration and again being effective. Don't get fooled by being very efficient at something that is not really an effective method to achieving a desired objective . Imagine this page, this documented process, the above spreadsheet and all related tools and content being an integral part of your organization. Consider it a model that you follow in creating and growing your own income generating organization. FJ World Inc is your Subject Matter Expert (SME). Every successful organizations has to have access to some SME.

Don't forget before you start to build your own organization you must state your own objectives. FJ will state the objectives of using the services of You2Surf and demonstrate the use of our Team Building Process (TBP). Please read on.

Remember in step one, where I mentioned You2Surf was going to be used as an example for our living process, and that each line item in the above spreadsheet is a service ? Well, read carefully as we start to explore the integral parts of our TBP.

On many preferred Traffic Exchange sites used in generating an income, you will find a feature in the site where you can create or join a surfing team. As the owner and leader of ePayTraffic, I have created a surfing team on You2Surf. There are 15 positions to manage on the team.

"My objective is to recruit 15 members that are consistently active to place our team in third place or higher in the weekly You2Surf team challenges.", FJ, November 15, 2018

Make sure you read the above objective a few times and note that it is very specific. A well defined objective does not contain any information about how or why. It states what is desired. Also, take note I added my initials and date. Doing so helps you establish a foundation. No matter what you want to build, a strong foundation is a must. So if your objective is vague and you do not put your first stake in the ground as a starting point, you may not have a favorable outcome. You may meet your objectives but it will be at a much higher cost with some unnecessary waste.

Step 3

Define how you will achieve your objective. Hopefully you are starting to understand what is unfolding and how you could build your own version of this TBP. In this part we get into the details of how we will achieve our goal. But before you get into the details, as a team leader it is necessary to state any conditions, requirements and expectations. This can be difficult but doing so at the start means it will be easier to manage the ongoing day to day work requirements of the team. How often have you been in a situation that was deteriorating and everyone was questioning everyone's expectations. Please read on as I demonstrate what I mean.

Members of the ePayTraffic Team on You2Surf must;

  1. Be an upgraded member on ePayTraffic.

  2. Be a direct referral of FJ World Inc on You2Surf.

  3. Achieve a minimum activity level on or before mid-week of the weekly challenge.

  4. Be prepared to achieve above average click performance when approaching the end of a week of higher competitive demand.

By stating the above, it allows us to target a certain demographic of surfers. It means you can organize your work more effectively and thus stay on track with your goals and objectives. Again, think of this when you are ready to be a team owner and having to manage your own You2Surf team or any team for that matter. Note, item three does not specify an activity number. This type of condition is based on a variable that can change depending on the current surfing challenge. So keep that in mind when you define your own process to achieve your objectives. You don't want to set an expectation based on a number that is a moving target. These types of variables are usually defined in a supporting procedure. A procedure being a step by step documentation of exactly what you want an individual member to complete.

March 11, 2020 - As per the above mentioned condition #3, for the purpose of this exercise the minimum activity level is set at 50.

Look at that, three easy steps to get you thinking more effectively.

Team Member Reward

Rewards are determined using a PromoSlice offer. Not a member? Use my referral link and once inside look for a list of ePayTraffic promotions. There is a standard promotion that runs every Thursday. On that day you will need to surf 555 pages to get one claim page to click. The top ten positions with a minimum of 555 page views will be evaluated for a reward.

March 11, 2020 - The following weekly rewards will be added to the member accounts.

  1. $1.00

  2. $0.50

  3. $0.25

  4. $0.20

  5. $0.20

  6. $0.15

  7. $0.10

  8. $0.05

  9. $0.03

  10. $0.02

The above total is 250 and is consistent with ePayTraffic Paid for Performance based on 250 page views per day.

Very important and read carefully. This page is a demonstration exercise for a team building process. Although the process was described around one service, You2Surf for example, our Weekly Promoter Challenge applies to multiple services. Remember the spreadsheet above? That means the reward is available to any ePayTraffic member that meets the surfing requirements on any ePayTraffic team on any Traffic Exchange site. Also very important is that the award is tied to a position and not necessarily a qualifying member.

***** Now you know How it Works *****