Weekly Promoter Challenge

Y2S Weekly Promoter Challenge

September 1, 2020 - This challenge is currently inactive.

September 9, 2019 - Welcome to our challenge page. We are currently developing tools and designing a structure to manage the collection and presentation of data used to evaluate various income sources. First we start with an active traffic exchange site that rewards you for promoting their site. Click the banner below to join You2Surf and you will have completed the first step of our challenge. If your already a member that counts as step one of our challenge. Do keep in mind that those who join using the provided affiliate link will receive additional incentives from our revenue sharing program. You can always delete an existing account on You2Surf and re-join using the provided link. Make sure you delete your original account first. Do not create a situation where you have two active accounts.

Next we collect data, which is where we are today. The shared spreadsheet below is the tool adopted to collect, analyze and present our challenge findings. Thank you for visiting today and do return so you can best appreciate our progress in presenting to you several income stream opportunities.