Global Circumnavigation

1st Quadriplegic Disabled Captain to Sail Around World with a Mixed Ability Crew including Power Wheelchairs

Some may call us crazy, but that's nothing we haven't heard before!

Having successfully overcome many other seemingly impossibilities, we can and are very confident that circumnavigation is very feasible, and can even be made relatively safe and enjoyable. Rather, the challenges of coming ashore and entering a completely inaccessible building to clear customs in many destinations may be the greatest challenge!

After significant analysis and discussions with a few of the world's top catamaran designers, our lead design engineer, himself disabled, has concluded that with proper support and funding, and modern catamaran and trimaran boat building techniques, a circumnavigation is entirely feasible!

Goal: 1st Quadriplegic Disabled Captain with Mixed Ability Crew including Power Wheelchairs to Sail Around World

This project would involve stops at many countries, inviting disabled persons aboard as guest crew, maybe from one destination to another to act as ambassadors throughout the world. We would be looking for a sponsor with significant media creation and distribution resources.

This would truly take our mission to the next level and we would seek to collaborate with the UN initiative on Human Rights Awareness and Community Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities.

This project could sail for as little $500k if we could find and modify a proper lightly used vessel, but a completely custom purpose-built could be had with creative partnerships for $1.6 million, and worldwide media attention with a larger crew including on board videographers for $2.3 million.

This project is in the early planning stages for 3 to 5 years from now, timing highly dependent on funding. If you have an interest, and would like to get involved, please contact us!

Yes we dream big, but the first steps on every great journey occur long before anyone, even those on it, knew that such a journey would occur. In that sense, this journey began many years ago, and one might even say 20 years ago by others. If we are not the ones to complete the journey, someone else following in our wheel trends will.

The impossible becomes possible the moment someone is so bold as to begin to believe it to be so.