About Us

Care of Business has been run by Impact Invest since 2016 and has primarily been aimed at newly arrived entrepreneurs, who wanted to start companies in Sweden. At that time, very few organisations offered programmes in English that helped refugees and newly arrived to fast-track their entry in Sweden. When the public agenda was mostly focusing on creating "low entry and simple jobs", we wanted to lower the barrier for high potential people to start businesses. And we did.

Our approach helped our participants be up and running within their first year or arrival and several have grown successful businesses in just a few years that now hire other foreign born people.

Since 2019
we offer our support to two target groups:

  • female foreign-born business owners in the Stockholm region

  • impact-driven start-ups around Sweden in collaboration with SE Forum

The philosophy behind the programmes has focused on working with a small number of entrepreneurs with scalable business ideas. The programme has so far worked with around 70 entrepreneurs and more than half have registered their companies, expanded their market, and have also been able to employ more foreign-born.

Impact Invest has financed and enabled social entrepreneurship since 2007 on behalf of Sida, the Swedish Institute, and several private financiers. Impact Invest has also established a new social fund in England that offers advice and loan financing to social companies run by former criminals or addicts (Forward Enterprise Fund).

SE Outreach Accelerator has, under the leadership of SE Forum and Sida’s funding, since its inception supported over 120 entrepreneurs, from all over the world, in the development of their social entrepreneurship and positive societal impact. The program includes world-class educators and mentors, as well as an established supporter network with everything from ambassadors to well-known technology companies.

Meet Our Team

Lena Ericsson Åshuvud

Project manager CoB Executive Women

Ruth Brännvall

CoB Programme Design

Roxy Bovia-Thomaeus

Community Manager CoB Executive Women

Tove Nordström (SE Forum)

Project manager CoB Impact