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Snow Shine, the smartest and most interactive bear ever developed. A landmark in the evolution of play, Snow Shine is the first "Companion Bear", able to interact with multiple inputs such as Spotify, YouTube, Alexa and more. Snow comes with many different accessories—clothes, toys, books, apps—that interact with him as well. So much more than a plush bear, Snow is true friend for pre-schoolers, engaging young learners and their families with original songs, stories, and games, helping to establish daily routines, healthy habits, pre-school learning, and effective bedtime and sleeptime practices.

Snow’s technology is sound but not screen-based which means that parents can feel comfortable that their children are not spending more time with screens, and that they can’t be inadvertently connected to the internet or monitored. This essential design element – that Snow is safe -- is a foundational value of Snow Shine and all the characters that live in the Immplay Academy universe.

Snow and all of his accessories, games, apps, and other products have been developed with versatility in mind—creating fun and rewarding experiences that a child can have independently or together with friends, family, and other caregivers.

Suitable for kids from 2 to 6 years. The toy works with 3 AA batteries, batteries included.

READY TO PLAY: No data collection, internet, APP or setup needed

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