Who is IMF Business Consultation Solutions?

IMF Business Consultation Solutions, was founded by Ian Foltz in 2017. After several long tenures with multi-million dollar companies specializing in Sales, Marketing, Recruiting, Training and Development, P&L analysis, Process Improvement, and building start up companies, it was time to venture out on my own.

How did I get started?

Like any start up company, you dont just have clients lining up at your front door. SO, I hit the ground running. Using my vast knowledge of door to door marketing, business to business sales, and closing techniques, I went from company to company looking for business. I found 2 companies ( a coffee shop and a consignment shop ) in dire straits that needed help, but didnt have the capital and cash flow to compensate me for help. So in exchange for my services, I took a small equity stake in each company to ensure the owners of 2 things.

1 - I had " skin in the game " 2 - that I would give them the best service the could get while ensure their cash flow wasnt disturbed. As a results, 2 businesses that were both showing negative cash flows, within 90 days were both profitable and showing double digit sustained growth. Sales were up, profits were up, and now my equity was actually worth something. My takeaways, remember your roots, work hard, and do the right thing for the client. It will ALWAYS pay off.