Positive BEHAVIOR for Learning School Wide

Is designed to improve the learning environment. We teach the skills needed to help our students become “Simply the Best.”

The purpose of Positive Behavior for Learning at Ilminster Intermediate is to:

Enable our students’ and teachers’ to focus on quality teaching and learning by providing a consistent, safe and positive environment.

We know that:

• Students are not born with bad behaviours

• Students do not learn better ways of behaving when given only negative consequences.

• To learn better ways of behaving, students must be given specific, positive feedback and opportunities to practise in a variety of settings.

At Ilminster Intermediate we have shared understandings and expectations for all students and

staff. These are called the school wide behaviour expectations and have been decided on by our students, staff and parents.


We teach the behaviours that we want to see. Students are taught the how, what and why of the school wide expectations. The whole school is taught the same behaviour in a cycle of lessons so that there is consistency and predictability for our students and our staff. The behaviour expectations are for ALL students, ALL staff, ALL settings.


We want to establish a positive school climate in which doing what’s right receives more attention than doing what’s wrong. Our staff are focused on giving IlminSTARS to all students who are seen to be demonstrating the school-wide behavior expectations. We hold reward assemblies twice a term and students with a certain number of IlminSTARs can select prizes off the rewards table. Students get an Ilminster band for all subsequent rewards.