Developing knowledge & understanding

In 2018 your child will be in more than one class. They will be in a centre class that they select, based on their strengths, talents and interests and they will also be placed in a Matauranga Group.

• Your child will stay in the same Matauranga Group as they move to Literacy, Numeracy, Connections and Health and Physical Education.

• Matauranga student numbers are deliberately kept low- approximately 20.

• In Matauranga, students’ literacy and numeracy needs are the priority and students are loosely grouped with similar learning needs from across the school.

• In Matauranga students literacy and numeracy strengths are also developed and they learn how these connect, relate to and support them across all learning areas.

• Our young adolescents enjoy the interaction with different teachers and students.

Teams of teachers take responsibility for teaching one curriculum area across the school.

Your child will be taught by teachers who understand, know and love their subject. Our teachers will meet their learning needs and will develop positive relationships whilst delivering quality teaching and learning programmes.

An example of Matauranga

Sofia is in Matauranga 8 and she is in Ro om 4 in the Discovery Centre which has a focus on Science. Sofia has three core teachers. Her Discovery Centre teacher, her Literacy teacher and her Numeracy teacher. Her Discovery Centre teacher is the first teacher responsible for Sofia. The centre class is the class she goes to first thing in the morning for the roll and notices, and the class where she sits and eats her lunch, and where she spends every afternoon for Inquiry Learning viewed through an integration of curriculum areas with a strong focus on Science.

All three teachers share important information about Sofia and her learning strengths and needs.

Sofia will also meet and be taught by other teachers in the school who will be responsible for her Health and Physical Education, The Arts, and Health and Nutrition - through Cooking. Other opportunities that Sofia chooses to opt into will also add to developing her confidence, connections and active involvement with more adults and peers within and beyond the school. This latter part depends on Sofia and her willingness to take advantage of the range of opportunities available to her as well as her desire to get involved and try new things. In these contexts Sofia will draw on her own personal, whanau and cultural values as well as the expectations of the school and apply simply the best positive behaviours for learning in all contexts and settings as she builds her resilience as a life-long learner.