CS448 - Audio Computing Lab

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Course Information

Course Subject

This course will cover the basics of audio computing and modern audio applications. We will cover common technologies and use of audio, including microphones/speakers, array methods, room acoustics, speech technologies, music information retrieval, denoising, musical acoustics, audio coding and more.

This is a hands-on course on audio technology. We will have one lecture (Wednesdays) and one lab session (Fridays) each week. Each week will be on a different audio technology, which you will ultimately implement in the lab. By the end of the course you should have a good understanding of the core audio algorithms, how to implement them, and how to apply them.

Meeting times are Wednesday/Friday 11:00-12:15 in Siebel 0216. This is an in-person class. TA hours will be added (and moved) as needed. Check the class calendar on Teams for the most up-to-date information.

Lectures will also be recorded to facilitate sick days and travel, but please make an effort to attend in-person if you can.

Course staff

Paris Smaragdis <paris@illinois.edu> (Instructor)

Krishna Subramani <ks51@illinois.edu> (TA)

Course Teams site

We will be using MS Teams for this course (experimenting, bear with me ...). You can sign up for the Team here using the code rcg7tvo If you have trouble signing up please contact the course staff.

Lecture schedule, handouts, homeworks, grades, chats, etc. will be provided there.