Internship Curriculum

Course Synopsis: The purpose of the Internship Seminar is to further ​professional formation through critical reflection on and consultation about students' internship experience with peers and faculty within the seminar setting​ and course assignments​.

As a requirement ​of the ​MDiv ​and MASJE degrees, ​students complete a​ 420-hour​ ​Internship ​and concurrent 30-week Internship Seminar​ ​during the ​Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters of one academic year. All three quarters must be completed in sequence within a single academic year.

Internship Seminars are offered in residential and hybrid/online formats. Residential Seminars meet weekly for 2.5 hours. Hybrid/Online Seminars meet on campus during Fall Gathering Days and communicate via Canvas Discussion Boards and Zoom calls throughout the Academic Year.

4 credits/quarter totalling 12 credits. IST 4000 offered in fall, IST 4001 offered in winter, IST 4002 offered in spring.

Questions? Please contact Iliff's Office of Professional Formation at ProfessionalFormation

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