I-CO Fund Startup Portfolio

I-CO Fund Startup Portfolio

IKP COVID Fund (I-CO Fund) was created to empower startups with working capital and supply chain / network support to fight, control and assuage the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together, these innovations will address different aspects of the battle against COVID-19.

We are happy to provide more information as requested.

You can mail us on apex@ikpknowledgepark.com for more info,

or call us on : +91-8790672424 / +91-7989646563 / +91 - 9618537456


(as on April 17, 2020)

Please Email us on apex@ikpknowledgepark.com

or call us on any of these Phone Numbers: +91-8790672424 / +91-7989646563 / +91 - 9618537456