Getting Started

General explanation of the overall process of the Science Exposition.

Individual schools pay a registration fee to the state organization and submit a registration form. Yes, even if you are a home school. Students at schools that only register with their Regional Exposition will not be able to participate at the State level.

Each school will need a dedicated sponsor. He/She

    • is responsible for registering his/her school with the Regional science expositions and attending meetings. Each Region has a different registration and fee structure. Click here for Regional contact information.
    • will be the point person that the Regional chairs will contact regarding exposition business.
    • responsible for reading the important documents like the Policy and Procedure Manual when helping to prepare students for the exposition and keeping track of deadlines.

Every student that wants to participate at the State Exposition must first submit a project and participate at the Regional Exposition first.

    • Regional Science Exposition are usually in March of each year. Students need to be done with their projects by the end of January. Here are some helpful timelines as a guide to help pace yourself.
    • We apologize in advance, due to the limited spacing at host university, each region can only send a dedicated number of students based on scores. We would take everyone if we could.

Student created videos describing the overall process of participation in IJAS Science Exposition and some project ideas.

Need Science Project Ideas?