Swathi Krishna S.

I have attained Ph.D. in English from the Department of Liberal Arts at the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad. I worked under the supervision of Dr. Srirupa Chatterjee in the area of postwar American women’s writing. My research interests include Contemporary American Literature, Women’s Literature, Road Narratives, Feminist Theory and Gender Studies.

My Ph.D. dissertation examines how American women writers since the seventies have appropriated ‘the road genre’ to unravel the problematic of female mobility which, despite its complexities and perils, proves to be deeply liberating and rewarding. Constituting an enquiry into literary road narratives to analyze the experience of female mobility, my study highlights the vulnerabilities of wayfaring women and critiques the regressive approach toward women and their bodies, especially within patriarchal public spaces. My dissertation, therefore, seeks to inaugurate a much-needed critical discourse on contemporary women’s realistic experiences of public spaces such as the road and the issue holds enormous relevance in civilized contemporary societies, including India.