Anindita Ghosh

Anindita Ghosh has recently completed her Ph.D. in Psychology at Department of Liberal Arts, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India. With a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in psychology, her current research areas are Positive Psychology and Organizational Behaviour. A Fellow of the Indian Council of Medical Research, her Ph.D. work applies the principles of positive psychology to explore well-being of employees working in high stress environs like corporate organizations.

Her other areas of research interest include positive psychology interventions, character strengths, well-being, positive health, organizational development, organizational communication and positive psychology analysis of films. These have resulted in four publications in international and national journals on the topics of positive psychology progress in India, gratitude, and positive health and chronic physical illness. She is trained for administering the “Feeling Good and Doing Well” programme for promoting well-being among youth. She enjoys teaching topics of well-being theories, gratitude, and positive psychology interventions. Helping people achieve better health and well-being is her prime area of interest.