Engineering Microbubbles for Biomedical Applications

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Microbubbles (MBs) are micron sized, gaseous colloidal particles of 0.1-10 μm diameter in size, encapsulated in a shell of stabilizing molecules such as proteins, lipids or polymers. The microbubbles are used in biomedical applications such as ultrasonic imaging. Microbubbles are also being explored for targeted drug delivery, delivery of intravenous (IV) Oxygen, and drug molecules across Blood Brain Barrier (BBB), and to clots and thrombus.

This course will mainly deal with design and engineering of microbubbles for biomedical applications, such as ultrasonic imaging and targeted drug delivery. Methods of microbubble synthesis, techniques for microbubble characterization, and issues related to microbubble stability and biocompatibility will be discussed. A few specific examples related to targeted drug delivery using microbubbles, such as targeting tumors and opening the BBB will also be discussed. In addition to lectures, practical sessions will be held for demonstrations of microbubble synthesis and characterization.


• Expose participants to the fundamentals of microbubble engineering for biomedical applications.

• Enhance understanding of the participants about the thermodynamics and kinetic processes involved in design and production of stable microbubble suspensions.

• To increase the awareness about the usefulness of microbubbles in important biomedical applications, such as ultrasound imaging and targeted drug delivery.

Who Should Attend

• Engineers and researchers from Pharmaceutical, Chemical Industries and R&D laboratories.

• Students at all levels (BTech/MSc/MTech/PhD) and Faculty from reputed academic institutions and technical institutions.

Date and Venue

Dates : Jan 8 to 12, 2018

Venue : IIT Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India - 382355

Instructor : Prof. Mark A. Borden (Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Colorado University)

Course Fee

Academic institutions:

Student: INR 1,000/- Faculty: INR 2,000/-

Industry/ Government lab: INR 5,000/-

Participants from outside India: US $500/-

The Course Fees include only Registration and Lunch. Accommodation is not included. However, accommodation can be made available upon request and on payment-basis, subject to availability.

Account Details:

Account Name: IIT Gandhinagar Project & Consultancy

Acc No: 1414132000011 MICR No.: 380015052

Bank | Branch: Canara Bank, IIT Gandhinagar, Palaj

IFSc Code: CNRB0005159 Branch Code: 005159

The candidates who want to pay fees by DD, should deposit DD at IIT Gandhinagar on January 8, 2018.

How to Apply

All interested individuals should send their CVs to before December 15, 2017. The shortlisted candidates will be intimated by email, latest by December 19, 2017. All shortlisted candidates should register online as mentioned below.


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Engineering Microbubbles for Biomedical Applications

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