Black Hole Physics:

Causal Structures of Black holes and Quasi Normal Modes:

By Sumanta Chakraborty (IACS Kolkata)

Black Hole Shadow:

By Pedro V P Cunha (University of Aveiro, Portugal)


Cosmological Perturbations:

Dhiraj Hazra (IMSc, Chennai)

Weak Lensing:

Surhud S More (IUCAA, Pune)

Indian Association for General Relativity and Gravitation.

First IAGRG School on Gravitation and Cosmology.

The IAGRG school series aims to train students and young researchers in the emerging areas of Gravitation and Cosmology. The series is mainly intended for graduate students working (or starting to work) on gravitational physics, cosmology and related areas.

The first school will involve four graduate-level courses on different topics of black hole physics and cosmology. The lectures will be given by leading experts on these topics.

Dates: 16th May - 28th May 2022.

This School will be conducted in the ONLINE mode.

Registration Link: Click Here

Last date of Registration: 10th April 2022

Download Poster: Click Here

Contact Email:

Organising Committee:

P Ajith (ICTS Bangalore), Sudipta Das ( Visva-Bharati) Archana Pai (IIT Bombay), Sudipta Sarkar (IIT Gandhinagar), Anjan Anjan Sen (Ahmedabad University, CTP JMI), Amitabh Virmani (CMI, Chennai).

Funding institute for the first IAGRG School: Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI), Chennai.