Doctor. Ashish Shanta Sunil Hattangdi

डॉक्टर. आशिष शांता सुनील हट्टंगडी

A dreamer, thinker, doer and top performer who wants to make a positive difference in life.


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Personal interests: learning-teaching-research-consulting

Professional interests: Adding value to individuals and organizations through teaching-research-consulting-studying-administration

Last updated: Jul 7, 2022


Doctor Ashish S. Hattangdi is an Assistant Professor (Stage-2) at Mumbai University's Alkesh Dinesh Mody College of Financial and Management studies for the past 7 years. He has served for one year at the Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur as an Assistant Professor in the Management Information Systems (MIS/IT) department. Doctor Ashish S. Hattangdi has earned his PhD (doctorate in philosophy) from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in Management. He has earned a PGDCM (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Management) (equivalent to MBA) from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. He has a Bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Mumbai University and a degree in Science stream from Maharashtra Board. He has consistently excelled in his career in educational exams and extracurricular tests like GRE, CAT, TOEFL, XAT, JMET ,UGC-NET (MANAGEMENT)and been consistently placed in the top 1 to 3 percentiles. He has served at IIT Bombay as a Teaching Assistant, at a startup: Zeus Numerix as a Human Resources Manager, at Microsoft India as a program manager and as a management intern at ICICI bank. He has offered his consulting services to corporates ,NGOs, governments and individuals. His research papers have been accepted or published in 18 international conferences, 2 international conference proceedings, 12 peer-reviewed journals (9 of which were recognized by the University Grants Commission, and 1 by ARC, at the time of publication ) and also has an international book chapter and 1 newspaper article to his credit. Currently, his papers are under review/accepted/in process of publication for 0 international conference/s and 0 in international peer-reviewed journal/s. There are 4 paper/s which are work-in-progress. His work has been cited internationally by scholars. He has completed 1 ICSSR IMPRESS project funded by MHRD, Government of India. He likes learning and has participated in many self-development courses throughout his life. These include learning Online Universal Human Values UHV-II FDP for Faculty, Universal Human Values: Introduction FDP program, Art of Living Yoga classes, Rational Emotive behavior therapy, Anger Management, Orientation course for UGC teachers, short term course in Yoga for stress management, ATAL FDP in advances in artificial intelligence, Refresher course in leadership and governance in higher education, Refresher course in cyber security and law, Refresher Course on Components and Applications of Internet of Things, Refresher Course on Teacher and Teaching in Higher Education ,Stress Management, yoga, swimming, skating, cricket, computer languages, German language, NCFM, dramatics, science exhibitions, talent search programs and others. He has completed and cleared all the 8 modules of the National Initiative for Technical Teachers Training (NITTT-2021). He has been awarded many scholarships and awards throughout his academic career. He is fluent in Marathi, Hindi and English languages and has completed a basic course in the German language. His dream is to see every individual empowered with education, and he has already contributed a lot in this area through his writings and his time, money and energy. He is interested in research and teaching in Information Technology in business Management, Education, Digital Marketing, E-commerce and Research Methodology in Management. Education Technology and Management Information Systems. He credits all his successes to God and Family, especially his father, mother and sister and learns from failures so that he can handle similar situations better. He admires many people and tries to imbibe their positive qualities in himself.