Senate Meeting Recaps

Session 3 - September 30th

SGA 9/30 Senate Hearing

Thanks everyone who came to the senate meeting! Here is a quick recap from the meeting! See the slides to the left for more information.

Click HERE to view a livestream of the meeting.

1. Sergeant at Arms Nomination -- Shahaan Mirza

The Sergeant at Arms position in SGA is intended to help facilitate Senatorial meetings by concentrating the Senators on the task at hand and by making sure everyone is following Robert's Rules. Shahaan Mirza, a newly elected Senator, approached today to be nominated to the Sergeant at Arms position. He has had previous experience in this exact position and felt it would be a great benefit to SGA overall. Overall he was approved with 16 yes votes and 1 abstained vote. He was then sworn into the position.

2. Official SGA Statement Regarding Spring 2021

Earlier this week IIT’s administration announced that the students of IIT will not be having a spring break. Instead the winter break will be extended by one week to compensate. However, earlier on 16th of September, Patrick Fina, a representative of IIT’s administration, asked the Senate their opinions on this delay. The Senate voted towards keeping Spring break and had very strong opinions towards this outcome. This decision by IIT’s administration directly contradicted the information given to them with no mention of this feedback given by SGA. As a result, the Senate decided to construct a statement, headed by Benjamin Kramek, to the Provost explaining SGA’s opinion of this decision. Eventually a final version of this statement was produced and sent to the Provost.

3. Executive Reports

This week the Vice President of Events, Martina Dimitrova, announced that there will be a Meet and Greet with the new SGA Senators held on Friday, October 9th at 5:00 PM. This event is designed to let the Senators get to know each other and their constituents.

4. Open Floor

Today Sahaan Mirza raised a series of complaints that he had heard from the Students of IIT. Generally these complaints were about the issues they experienced during COVID-2019 testing earlier this semester. Specifically the tests were found to be rushed and inefficient by taking more time than was necessary and exposing students to unnecessary risks. Such as the staff who were taking the samples for the tests not wearing any masks. These risks have been noted and will be brought up in later meetings in various committees.

SGA's 2022-2023 Senate Meetings

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Temperately we are moving to virtual meeting in accordance with CDC guidelines & the state of Illinois "stay at home" order.

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