SEnate meeTing Recaps

Session 3: September 18


Thanks everyone who came to the senate meeting! Here is a quick recap from the meeting! See the slides to the left for more information.

Click HERE to view a livestream of the meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 9:15PM. The first item on the agenda was presented: the approval of Judicial Board Nominees. The two students presenting were selected by the Judicial Board, under Chief Justice Diana Wu, for approval by the Senate. The first candidate up for approval was Emily Pang, a freshman Computer Science Major. Emily expressed her hopes to give a voice to students as a member of the judicial boars and contribute to fostering a greater sense of community at IIT. The second candidate, Shane Black, is a Mechanical Engineering Freshman. He described his prior history with conflict resolution, making him a valuable potential ember to the Judicial Board. After a brief discussion, the Senate unanimously voted the two candidates into office. Congratulations Emily and Shane!

Up next, Jeannina Villalobos approached the Senate as the appointed RHA representative. Jeannina is a current sophomore from Costa Rica. As an international student, she hopes to improve the international student experience as a senator. Additionally, she plans to work on projects based around the residence halls, including vending machine options and feedback. Jeannina was unanimously voted into the Senate, as well. She gave oath, and is officially instated into Senate. Congrats!

The meeting continued with Executive Reports.

Josh Bowden, the Finance Board President presented his recent improvements in Finance board processes, entitled “A new process, a way forward.” This new system is designed to promote proper communication with organizations and more efficient processes when conducting finance board hearings. The system will promote more equitable issuance of Student Activity Funding (SAF) to organizations, as well. In addition, this new system will feature rolling advising, so organizations will get budget approval one week following document submission, rather than waiting a month or more. Rather than long hearings on one Saturday per month, the board will hold ‘mini hearings’ on a regular basis. The new process will be introduced with many educational resources to guide club officials through the processes, including videos. The finance board hopes to reduce confusion and promote more transparent and efficient processing. Expect to see these changes in the next coming weeks. Please email with additional inquiries at this time.

Rishi Shukla, the Vice President of Events, discussed his committee’s progress. The current events schedules for the upcoming month are as following:

  • Student Affairs Town Hall, October 14 in MTCC Club
  • President Provost forum on October 23 in MTCC Ballroom
  • Trunk or Treat, weekend before Halloween in SSV parking lot

Please email with any questions regarding these events, and look out for publicity via SGA social media.

Katja Berthold, the Vice President of Communications also presented her committee’s recent progress. First, the committee is planning to partner with WIIT to record SGA announcements on Thursdays. Additionally, there is discussion on developing a more interative Commons experience, by playing music, announcements, and fun shoutouts in the background during peak meal hours. Finally, the committee would like to coordinate with higher administration to develop a podcast to be public on social media and shared with campus community members. Another upcoming addition to the SGA social media platforms will be including multilingual captions to social media posts. This will hopefully encourage more international students to feel included by SGA, and create the most transparent, effective content for all viewers. Finally, the team is focusing on branding with various merchandise and promo item purchases.

Email with any questions regarding these projects.

Voting on Proposed Bylaw Amendments

President Eric Scott presented the updated Bylaws, specifically Article 2, Section 2, which describes the composition of the Senate. He described the section’s previous state as unclear, and a “poor emulation of the US Federal System.” The principal issue addressed was the divide in senate between colleges. Currently, colleges have proportional amounts of senators to total college population. However, there are typically some colleges with more senate nominations than others, leading to some senators winning by a mere two votes, while other valuable candidates with many votes simply don’t make the cut. The proposed amendment allows all senators to be placed in the same pool of candidates, allowing for openly competitive elections, regardless of college. You can view the bylaws here:

The bylaws were unanimously approved by the senate.

Next, the revised Article 2, Section 10 of the Bylaws were shared by Senator Jason Scott. Jason discussed a new voting process, which is detailed below, which will ensure student eligibility, accuracy of ballots, and prevent voting fraud.

The processes described in this delivery specified that students would be given a single vote, in order to ensure simplicity of calculation and voting process. “All currently enrolled IIT students may vote in the Senatorial Election. Every voter shall be entitled to cast a single vote for their candidate of choice.”(Article 2, Section 10.B) Here is a link to the revised Bylaws described above.

The board denied the request to maintain the current state of the Section, 16/21.

A proposed alternative to Article 2, Section 10.B was also delivered to the senate. This section states that “All currently enrolled IIT students may vote in the Senatorial Election. Voters Shall numerically rank order the candidates from most preferred to least. The number one represents the most preferred choice. Choices shall continue in ascending order of numbers.” Here is a link to this version.

Josh Bowden added a subsidiary motion to the alternative proposition, asking to add a friendly amendment that states that the number of rankings be 7 votes, each of equal weight. The Senate approved the revision 18/21.

A last vote was made to approve the amendment of Article 2, Section 10, which was approved by the Senate unanimously. The meeting was the adjourned.

Thank you to all who attended the Senate Meeting, and we hope to see you at the meeting on Wednesday, September 25, 2019.

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