Finance Board Guidelines

The FB Guidelines is a set of recommendations that the FB follows to help in the allocation of funds. This is made available in the form of a document to all students at request and during workshops. It can also be found under the related links tab on this website. It should be noted that the guidelines are in no way a binding document but are just in place to help clarify general practices of the board. The guidelines can be changed by the board at any point in time without prior notice. The most updated version is here.

Finance Board Updates

January 2019

Under the recommendation of the current Finance Board Chair Jorge Morin, Finance Board will now institute a limit of a cost per person at a cost of $600 for conference funding, and anything exceeding a conference cost of $600 per person, Finance Board reserves the right to temporarily suspend Article D Section 3 of the Finance Board Guidelines which is the “Conferences & Competitions” section. In the event that Finance Board suspends Article D Section 3 of the Finance Board guidelines in a simple majority vote, Finance Board reserves the right to:

  • Cut the budget if they feel that there is no reasonable way to lower the cost per person
  • Fund the budget at a percentage cost to ensure it meets the limit of $600 cost per person
  • Lump-Sum the budget and grant the student organization freedom to use the funds however they wish for only the conference they have been funded toward

April 2018

Under the recommendation of Nina Tamras (Finance Board Chair for the academic year 2017-2018), Finance Board now approves for all student organizations active and in good standing with SGA Finance Board and Office of Campus Life automatic funding for General Body Meetings at $300 a semester and $120 for operational funding/internal marketing a semester.