2nd Annual

IIT Alternative Fuels Workshop

May 14-15, 2019

What alternative fuel is the best option for medium and heavy-duty vehicles in the Midwest?

Join us for a workshop that explores the answer to this pressing question. In IIT's Second Alternative Fuels Workshop, we will be learning about alternative fuels available in the Midwest that are viable replacements on modern vehicles. Sessions at this workshop will focus on hydrogen use in the transportation field, the production and certification of drop-in biofuels, and gaseous fuels created from waste products. Experts in the field will present the current challenges in producing and utilizing these fuels and the technological advancements needed for their successful application in medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

Main Events

Session 1

This session will focus on hydrogen use in the transportation sector and include discussion of economic and infrastructure considerations as well as various methods of using hydrogen on vehicles with fuel cells and engines.

Session 2

This session will focus on the economics and use of drop-in biofuels including more established fuels such as ethanol and FT fuels along with other new biorenewable fuels currently being developed in the Midwest.

Session 3

This session will focus on fuels created through gasification from waste products. Attendees will learn about methods of creating gaseous fuels for the transportation area from municipal waste, forestry and agricultural residues.

Conference Organizers

Sumanta Acharya, PhD

Professor and MMAE Chair, Illinois Institute of Technology

Carrie Hall, PhD

Assistant Professor, Illinois Institute of Technology

William de Ojeda, PE, PhD

Director of Engineering, WM International

James Kezerle

Productive Resources