Teaching & Mentoring

Teaching Experience

I have been teaching and assisting teaching for the last 5 years. Some of the courses I have been involved teaching are:

  • CS450: Operating Systems
  • CS485: Computers in Society (Best Teaching Assistant of the Year Award)
  • CS546: Parallel and Distributed Processing
  • CS550: Advanced Operating Systems

Student Mentoring

Something I love doing is to mentor undergraduate and master students. I have been mentoring students mostly for term projects but also I helped students conduct research in our lab as the lab's lead PhD student.

Some of the students I mentored/ing:

  • Anthony Fleck, Undergraduate
  • Adnan Haider, Undergraduate (IBM, Jump Trading)
  • Mohsin Haider, Undergraduate
  • Miles Hood, Undergraduate
  • Michael Welch, Undergraduate
  • Nikhita Kataria, Master (now at Facebook)
  • Hariharan Devarajan, Master (now a PhD in our lab and a valued teammate)
  • Shringa Bais, Master
  • Chandana Ravindra Prasad, Master
  • Bhagyashree Bhimsen Bagwe, Master
  • Venkata Naga Prajwal Chalia, Master
  • Umashankar Rajaram, Master
  • Srivatsa Hanasoge Chandrashekar, Master
  • Pradyot Mayank, Master
  • Priyanka Singh, Master
  • Keith Bateman, Undergraduate
  • Daniel Wojtowicz, Undergraduate