IIQL - Weekend Islamic School


International Institute of Quran Learning aims to provide quality education by developing the character, intellect and physical faculties of students in an environment which promotes teaching, learning and achievement of the highest standards within the boundaries prescribed by Islamic Shari’ah.

To value our children as unique individuals and to strive to provide them with a nurturing, secure and friendly learning environment that reflects their interests and needs.

Apart from basic Islamic teachings, IIQL aims to provide quality education through quality management, quality teaching and quality training to benefit our students.

We believe in the best contribution we can make towards their development to make them the productive members of the society.

We have a dedicated team of talented and inspirational staff who are committed to delivering the highest standards for each and every child in the school.

A friendly atmosphere for the students is one of the core missions of IIQL. Teachers act as guides and help students learn with interest. The teachers also act as models students can imitate. Students are worked upon their confidence and overall activities by their teachers so that the get positive sense of themselves which inturn enables them to develop respect for other students.

With the help of Allah(S.w.t) IIQL’s mission consists of grooming the child so that he/she develops a strong bond with his/her creator, Allah. IIQL aims best to make this possible through the blend of The Holy Quran.

Adherence to the strong Islamic values to make each child a good Muslim with liking of good and disliking of bad. This will inturn help the child develop good Islamic character In sha Allah.




Towards Jannah Books are taught in Tafseer. Total ten books are taught in the span of five years (two books per year). Complete Quran with word to word translation and tafseer is included in these ten books.

These books have been designed especially for this age group with the help of some of the great Islamic scholars like Shuja ud Din Shaykh, Professor Khalil ur Rahman Chishti and more...

The books start with an interesting Quranic story and afterwards, certain Surahs are taught along with the description of their “Shan-e-Nuzool.” The Arabic of the Surahs is highlighted with different colors for better understanding. Interesting and colorful exercises are at the end of every chapter to develop student’s interest.

The books are unbiased and do not support any Religious or Ethnic group as they are composed of the Ahadeeth and tafseer from authentic sources.

Basic Tajweed is also included in this course.

Arabic is an important and critical subject taught in this course. Without basic understanding of Arabic language it is not possible to understand the meaning of Quran, therefore at IIQL Weekend Islamic School, Arabic is taught from 1st grade till last semester.

In Arabic Language, books of Afaq publishers are used, focus of this course is to build the vocabulary of students and improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Different activities and games are incorporated in Arabic course to make it interesting for students in order to enhance their learning experience.



Islamic studies is very important subject taught in this course. In this course Islamic studies books published by Darrusalam are taught. In these books important aspects of Seerah, stories of sahabas are taught in an interesting manner.

Topics of Taharat, Salat, Fasting and other important aspects from daily life including manners, etiquette and difference between and right and wrong in different situations is taught.


Sound mind and sound body both are essential for healthy learning and provide an ideal learning platform. IIQL understands this and provides full opportunity to the students to show their talent in the ground. The sports include Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis and other sports.


Healthy food is very important for nourishment of children. In its mission to build strong nation, IIQL provide healthy food to the children in lunch break. Snacks and Junk food is discouraged and healthy food is encouraged. Our food managers select food rich in nutrients and low and sugar, to encourage healthy eating habits among children.


For Age Group 5 yo 7 Years

Minimum age at the time of admission is 5 years.

Student must be able to read and write basic English and Urdu words.

Student must be willing to join the weekend course.

For Age Group 8 to 14 Years

Age at the time of admission is between 8 and 14 years.

Student must be able to read and write English and Urdu.

Student must be able to read Quran.

Student must be willing to join weekend classes.

-Admission forms can be downloaded from the Download section.

-Submit Admission forms to IIQL at Dawaha Academy Training Department, Faisal Mosque Islamabad, before visiting contact at 0336 000 4475 OR 0345 852 4475

-Admission is granted after an interview of parents and children.


Telephone Numbers Pakistan:

  • 0092 336 000 4475
  • 0092 345 852 4475

Telephone Number London

  • 0044 207 101 9213

Email Address:


  • iiql.online