Welcome to the homepage of Trivialis, the Quizzing Club of IIITD. We organise various intra-college quizzing events on a variety of topics and test your knowledge about anything and everything.

About Us

In Latin, ‘trivialis’ appertained to the crossroads where three roads met, which came to be known, in towns, as the ‘trivium’, or public place. The term ‘trivium’ was eventually used to denote the first three of the seven liberal arts – grammar, rhetoric, dialectics – because in ancient cities teachers who could not afford to rent space rendered their services at the public crossroads, the trivium.

These crossroad's were guarded by the Greek Goddess Hecate also known as Trivia.

This completely goes with our Club. We are completely open to all and believe that to every question there are 3 Possible answers

  1. The Right Answer
  2. The Wrong Answer
  3. The Funny Answer

And these answers are guarded by our version of Trivia.