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The 65th Square is the Chess Club of IIIT Delhi. Founded by Archit Agarwal and Sanchit Gupta in 2013, the club has hosted numerous events in the college tech-fest, Esya and in Triquetra, the joint sports fest of IIITD, DTU and NSIT. The members of the club have also been participating in various inter-college fests and bringing back laurels.

As a club, we conduct formal as well as informal playing sessions throughout the year. Other than tournaments and puzzle solving, we also indulge in fun variants of chess like Bughouse Chess (Supply), Anti Chess, Blitz etc.

Students currently enrolled in a B.Tech. course at IIITD can claim their self growth credits through giving 80 hours to chess as a part of the club sessions or through tournaments/online hours in knowledge of the club admins. Please go to Logbook to track your hours.

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Upcoming Events:

    • 5th ANNUAL RAPID CHESS TOURNAMENT (17th-18th August '18)

“When you see a good move, look for a better one” - Lasker

IIIT Delhi hosts its 5th annual Rapid Chess Tournament at its tech-fest Esya. Compete against the best in the city and win amazing prizes!

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