About Me

I'm an Engineering Manager at Tower Research Capital working on Quantitative Risk Analytics and Market Manipulation Detection. I'm also a researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology, IIIT-Delhi, AI Institute at the University of Southern Carolina, and the University of Marburg.

Building on my industry and academic experience my research interests are broadly focused on Natural Language Processing, Computational Social Science and Quantitative Finance. My work in these areas has been presented at several top-tier NLP and AI conferences including ACL, EMNLP, NAACL, AAAI, IJCAI, UAI, WSDM, WWW, ACM Multimedia, Interspeech, ICWSM, EACL, COLING, ICASSP and more.

My experience lies in Distributed Systems (Building low-latency large-scale applications across varying data schemas and client requirements), Quantitative Analytics, and AI (NLP, Recsys, GNNs, sequence/temporal models). I've also fast-tracked to leadership positions early in my career. My leadership scope has focused on: i) Stakeholder and OKR management, ii) Component ownership and team management, iii) Technical design, iv) Onboarding, mentoring, hiring and interviewing new and experienced hires.

I graduated at the top of my class from NSIT, India in Bachelors of Computer Engineering in 2018, and have had the privilege of learning from my experiences and mentors at Tower Research, Samsung Research, IBM Research, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Texas, Dallas, MIDAS IIIT-Delhi, Siemens, Anita B.Org, and The Linux Foundation.

Key Achievements & Recent News:



  • [June 2022] Gave an industry keynote (my first ever keynote!!!) at NLDB 2022 in Valencia, Spain!

  • [May 2022] Gave an invited talk on mental health + NLP on social media at the Alan Turing Insitute, UK!

  • [May 2022] Represented Scaler at their first ever international AI conference, ICASSP 2022!

  • [May 2022] Recognized as the #1 author with the largest number of AI&NLP first author papers in the world in 2021!

  • [September 2021 - June 2022] Work accepted at SIGIR 2022, INTERSPEECH 2022, ICASSP 2022 (x2), ACL 2022 (x3), NAACL 2022 (x2), AISTATS 2022

  • [August 2021] Our work HypMix has been accepted at EMNLP 2021, with Diyi Yang, Lucie Flek and Di Jin.

  • [July 2021] Joined ShareChat as a lead AI Scientist!

  • [May 2021] At UAI 2021, we'll be presenting multivariate irregular temporal entropy as a curriculum computation technique!

  • [May 2021] In our new ACL-IJCNLP (main) paper, we introduce M3A, a new fintech+NLP task!

  • [April 2021] Extension of our outstanding paper at COLING 2020 accepted at IJCAI 2021! We model temporal political context as time-evolving dynamic graphs.

  • [April 2021] Work on Riemannian modeling of online streams of data accepted at SIGIR 2021!

  • [March 2021] Full paper on automated social media moderation for edge case posts accepted at ICWSM 2021 in collaboration with UC San Diego!

  • [March 2021] 4 papers accepted at NAACL 2021 spanning i) Multimodal Bias ii) Heterogenuous Multi-task learning for Social NLP iii) Sociological User Network Modeling and iv) Algorithmic Reinforcement Learning.

  • [February 2021] Paper on adversarial social media time series modeling accepted at JAMIA: Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.

  • [February 2021] Paper on meta learning for low-resource speech emotion recognition accepted at ICASSP 2021!

  • [January 2021] Full paper on exploring the scale-free nature of stock markets accepted at TheWebConf 2021!

  • [January 2021] 2 long papers accepted at EACL 2021! Work spanning phase-level user modeling and FinNLP.

  • [December 2020] Serving in the Program Committee for ACL-IJCNLP 2021.

  • [December 2020] Full paper on Spatiotemporal Hypergraph Attention for Stock Ranking accepted at AAAI 2021!

  • [December 2020] Hosting a birds-of-a-feather session at COLING 2020 on NLP Applications.

  • [November 2020] Got an outstanding paper award at COLING 2020!

  • [October 2020] My interview on suicide ideation research covered by Times of India (TOI).

  • [October 2020] Serving in the Program Committee for NAACL-HLT 2021.

  • [October 2020] Full paper on Ordinal Suicide Risk Assessment on Social Media accepted at WSDM 2021!

  • [October 2020] 2 papers accepted at COLING 2020! 1 long paper on graph-based contextual language models for political stance detection and 1 short paper on latent interpolations for text.

  • [September 2020] 3 long papers accepted at EMNLP 2020! Work spanning time-aware contextual suicide risk assessment (also accepted at NeurIPS ML4H as an extended abstract), stock movement prediction from tweets and company correlations, and multimodal volatility forecasting from earnings calls.

  • [September 2020] Serving in the Program Committee for AACL-IJCNLP SRW 2020, AAAI 2021, ECIR 2021.

  • [August 2020] Full paper accepted at ICDM 2020! We present a spatiotemporal hypergraph network for stock movement prediction.

  • [August 2020] Successfully completed another Google Summer of Code term! Final report on Bridge in Tech is now online!

  • [July 2020] Full paper (oral) on Multimodal Multi-Task Financial Risk Forecasting accepted at ACM Multimedia 2020.

  • [July 2020] 2 papers accepted at INTERSPEECH 2020. My first experience working with speech spanning financial forecasting and latent interpolations in sound.

  • [June 2020] I am organizing the Multimodal AI for Social Good workshop and #meToo Grand Challenge at IEEE BigMM 2020.

  • [March 2020] I am mentoring the Bridge in Tech Google Summer of Code project at Anita B.Org.

  • [February 2020] Promoted to Core Engineering Software Developer II at Tower Research, and presented my work at our NY offices.

  • [February 2020] Presented our work on Multimodal Disaster analysis, hate speech detection at AAAI 2020 in New York.