NOTE: All-State Company Members should submit their audition/presentation videos as normal.

Auditions / Presentations will be held virtually through video submission.

Students should submit their video of their audition or presentation by December 11, 2020. There are some video tutorials below that will help students record and submit their video. Videos will be submitted through a Google Form. College and universities will view video submissions after the Thanksgiving holiday.

STUDENTS: While the virtual nature of this year means we do not have a limit on the number of students who can participate, please submit an audition/presentation video ONLY if you are seriously considering a career in the theatre. This is to respect the college/university faculty who are taking the time to view your submission and consider you for admission.


  • Auditions must not exceed two minutes, including introductions and transitions. Students should prepare…

    • A single monologue, or

    • Two short contrasting monologues, or

    • A short monologue and 16 bars of a song. Students must provide their own accompaniment (a recording or instrumental track).

    • Check out this collection of tips for selecting a monologue.

    • Refer to this tutorial video for how to prepare and record an audition.

  • Presentations are for any student wishing to pursue technical theatre, technical design (costume, sound, set, lighting, etc.), directing, or stage management. Students should…

    • Compile a digital version of their portfolio, such as a PDF, Google Slides or Powerpoint Presentation, etc.

    • Record themselves walking through their portfolio.

    • Refer to this tutorial video for how to prepare and record a presentation.

  • Since auditions are completely virtual, any Illinois high school student is welcome to apply, even if their school is not participating in other parts of the festival.

  • This year, due to coronavirus, there is no registration fee for auditions. This is entirely free.

Audition Process

  • All sponsors who have participated in the festival in previous years will receive an email with an overview of the audition/presentation process for this year.

  • The sponsor will provide auditioning/presenting student(s) with this link.


NOTE REGARDING CALLBACKS: Students must supply a school email address and a personal email address to allow colleges and universities who are interested to contact you. A postal address is also encouraged. Any “callbacks” are done at the discretion of each institution and will NOT be handled through the festival.

Important Reminders


  • You must format your own resume in a document form such as a PDF. View a sample résumé to see how your information will be formatted: ACTOR | TECHNICIAN

  • Once you submit the Audition Form / Presentation Form, you cannot make changes. You can submit more than one and we will use the last submission we receive. Please Note: If you submit more than one, it is not updating your previous one. Please ONLY submit these forms ONE TIME in order to ensure we are providing the correct files to each college/university representative.

  • There is no cap on the number of auditionees/presenters. However, sponsors, please limit your auditionees/presenters to those who are serious about studying theatre at the college level. Impress upon the students that their application constitutes a commitment to the Festival and the college representatives viewing the auditions/presentations.


Eligibility is limited to Juniors or Seniors who plan to enter college in the school year 21-22 or 22-23 to study theatre. Juniors are strongly encouraged to apply. As in the past, all Illinois college and university theatre departments have been invited to participate in this program, as well as other theatre departments from outside of Illinois. The goal is to give students an opportunity to audition/present for college representatives while refining and enriching their auditioning/presenting skills

Audition/Interview Interest Form

If you have any questions concerning auditions/presentations, please contact the Associate Directors for Auditions:

Dan Napper

Hampshire High School

David Morrison

Bolingbrook High School