Specialist Homelessness


General Information -

Ipswich Housing & Support Services Inc (IHSSI) works in collaboration with the Department of Housing and Public Works, Community Housing providers and local Real Estates to assist people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with case management support to secure or maintain affordable accommodation.

How do we Assist? -

  • Provision of Supported Emergency Accommodation for adults and families with children in their care, for their duration of need.
  • Assistance, advocacy, information & support with securing stable appropriate accommodation.
  • Assistance, advocacy, information & support with underlying issues to current housing crisis.
  • Centre based access includes referrals to appropriate support services.

Primary Goal -

  • To provide adults and families in housing crisis with accommodation, support and assistance to re-establish themselves within the community.

What is Supported Accommodation? -

  • We offer accommodation in houses within the local area. We offer to support and provide assistance to you throughout the duration of need.
  • Assistance is provided to explore safe, affordable and secure housing alternatives, and to finalise any outstanding previous housing issues, such as TICA listings that may be preventing clients from obtaining accommodation.
  • Referrals and advocacy on behalf of the client in relation to other issues may be made where necessary, to other more appropriate services or programs such as professional counselling.
  • We will work with clients in a supportive, holistic and non-judgemental manner to assist clients in achieving independence, self-sufficiency and to alleviate the impact of homelessness.

Target Group

  • Adults & Families.
  • Homeless or at risk of homelessness

How to Apply -

  • Please contact our office directly to discuss your situation with a Housing Support Worker at 3816 1435.
  • Drop in to the office at 14 South Station Rd Booval Q 4304
  • We will accept referrals from other agencies.

When Can we be Housed? -

  • Adults are accommodated as a room becomes available. Families are accommodated as a house becomes vacant.