Emergency Relief Program

Emergency Relief Program-

  • The Ipswich Housing & Support Services Inc (IHSSI) Emergency Relief Program is funded by both Federal & State Governments. The Emergency Relief Program was introduced by Government in 1977 to provide help to people in crisis. The objective of the program is to assist people to deal with their immediate crisis situation in a way that maintains dignity and encourages self-reliance.
  • Our clients have a right to expect that Emergency Relief assistance is delivered in a consistent, transparent and fair manner, and in accordance with the funding requirements.
  • If you feel you have not been dealt with in this respectful manner you have the right to put a complaint in writing to our service. We will also welcome compliments.

About the Emergency Relief Program-

  • Emergency Relief available Mon to Fri. Appointments Necessary!
  • Appointments taken by phone, to make an appointment call (07) 3816 1435.
  • Ipswich Housing & Support Services Inc (IHSSI) Emergency Relief is not an income support payment. It is expected that in most cases payments will be for a one-off purpose and that clients will not develop a dependence on regular or frequent assistance (FaCSIA: 2007.0506 Emergency Relief Programme Guidelines).
  • Due to the demand on Emergency Relief our agency is only able to assist clients once every four months (Subject to funding and circumstances)
  • Clients of our Emergency Relief program are encouraged to use, or may be provided with contact details for financial counsellors.
  • During the interview a Budget Plan may be developed with the client to assist in developing their budgeting skills.
  • Your personal information is important to us, we will therefore protect it as per Legislation. If you would like further information you can access our Information Privacy Plan at request. Please ensure you have read & signed the Statement of Consumer Rights.

Assistance Available-


  • Food assistance is provided by food cards for redemption at any Woolworths Supermarket.


  • An ORIGINAL Tax Invoice / Statement and any Reminder Notices are required to receive assistance. In most cases we will assist you to access an affordable payment plan with your provider via advocacy on your behalf. We make minimal payments on select account types. Any payment made is by cheque ONLY.


  • Assistance with Telstra account payments via the Telstra Bill Assistance Program. Payments are made towards your account with Telstra Vouchers. Please note: assistance excludes any FOXTEL components

Rent Assistance-

  • You must be able to produce a current lease / rental ledger / Remedy Breach with the Landlords &/or Real Estates Agents details & current address. Payment is by cheque ONLY.


  • Limited assistance with Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme scripts. Must produce ORIGINAL script to receive assistance.


  • Assistance with Queensland Rail (QR) travel.
  • You must discuss your assistance request when making your appointment to ensure you are eligible. Assistance is based on funding availability and an appointment does not guarantee assistance.

Information, Referral & Advocacy-

  • We provide various information on services that may be able to assist your needs, such as financial counselling services & personal counselling services.
  • We may also advocate on your behalf, for example to negotiate a payment plan. We will attempt to make appropriate & timely referrals whenever possible.
  • In some instances a referral for financial counselling may be required before any further Emergency Relief assistance can be provided.

Have you Signed the Consent Form?-

  • Whenever we act on your behalf and in relation to third parties we require your consent. PLEASE ensure you have signed &/or updated your Consent Form.