Eligibility for accommodation

Ipswich Housing & Support Services Inc. (IHSSI) Eligibility for Housing-

In accordance with the IHSSI funding agreements and Homelessness Program Guidelines (May 2018) , you will be eligible for IHSSI housing services if you are

1. Homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness, for example someone who is living in their car temporarily with a friend, or a person who has been given a week to leave their current housing.

A person is considered to be homeless or at risk of homelessness if they are living in:

 improvised dwellings or 'sleeping rough'

 short-term or emergency accommodation

 temporary arrangements without security of tenure, for example staying with friends or relatives,

in boarding houses or motels

 unsafe or inadequate accommodation, for example where domestic/family violence or abuse

threatens the person’s safety or there is severe overcrowding.

2. Housed but at risk of homelessness, for example a family who is struggling to maintain a tenancy after losing a job and is unable to pay rent.

Our Eligibility Policy for Housing can be viewed here:

Homelessness Program Guidelines (May 2018)

Homelessness Program Guidelines (May 2018) can be viewed here: