"I went for ER and was able to sort out lots of bills. James was able to get me onto repayment plans that I could afford. I feel like I can answer my phone now." (2014)

- Pete

"The NILS loans helped me to put furniture in my new home for my kids." (2014)

- Warwick

"The ER program has helped me with when I lost my job. I have never been to a place like this before. The staff were very friendly and helpful." (2014)

- Jocelyn

"The housing helped us to become stable and get our kids in school. When we were homeless I was not able to get employment and the housing assisted us with this. I was able to get an income again and support my family. Our worker was so helpful to my wife and supported us through the whole process." (2014)

- Pat

"We had an appointment to discuss our situation and were housed almost immediately, it was the start of stability we needed to provide for our young family. We soon came to realise that the service was not just about providing emergency accommodation but much more, they also assisted us with food, budgeting and overall to prioritise our life. We have been in stable accommodation for 4 years and we still keep in contact from time to time… although it was always clear we needed to take the steps ourselves, we never felt like they just moved us on to the next person or organisation. We experienced personal growth and this would not have been possible without the support of our workers, they were non-judgemental, willing to listen and help us with options. " (2013)

- Susan

"I heard about NILS from a friend who had purchased a washing machine when hers broke down. She told me that the repayments were low and there are no interest charges. I applied for NILS to purchase a fridge and a bed for my boy. It was pretty easy and the repayments are low! I was surprised that we had a program like this in the local area, but I am grateful it is here. The staff are friendly and helpful too." (2013)

- Mary

"My family had just moved to the area and had used all our money in the move. We were assisted with nappies and food. I don’t know how we would have fed the kids without this assistance. It helped us get through and the staff are really understanding." (2013)

- Dawn

"Like most people I struggle to make ends meet on my fortnightly payments. I have health problems that drain my finances but I know Ipswich Housing and Support Services are available to assist me with food or scripts occasionally. It’s a great service." (2012)

- Peter

"I was having trouble paying my electricity bill and a friend told me to go see the people here. I was surprised that they were able to arrange a payment plan for me that I could afford, and they helped me apply for some electricity grant, which helped even more with the bill. The people here knew how to talk to the electricity company to get results that I couldn’t. I am really grateful to them." (2012)

- Jane

"I just got a job and needed help getting to work. Ipswich Housing and Support Services were able to help me with some rail passes until I got my first pay." (2012)

- Marty