Meeting with Hon'ble Vice Chancellor

Part-2 presentation vc 2.wmv

Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Presentation

Part-3 Interaction of VC with Peer team.wmv

Interaction of VC with NAAC Team

Part-4 - SOS.wmv

Interaction with School of Sciences

Part 5 - SOCE.mp4

School of Continuing Education

Part 6 - SOE.mp4

School of Education

Part 7 - SOHS.wmv

School of Health Sciences

Part-8 SOITS.mp4

School of Interdisciplinary & Trans-Disciplinary Studies

Part 9 SOFL.wmv

School of Foreign Languages

Part-10 SOVET and SOJNMS.wmv

School of Vocational Education & Training

Part-11 with 4 schools.wmv

School of Studies (Part I)

Part 12 - STRIDE.wmv

Staff Training & Research Institute of Distance Education

Part-13 SOEDS.wmv

School of Extension and Development Studies

Part-14 soss.wmv

School of Social Sciences

Part-15 7 schools.wmv


Part 16 - SRD.wmv

Student Registration Division

Part-20 CIQA visit.wmv

Center for Internal Quality Assurance (CIQA)

Part-21 computer division.wmv

Computer Division

Part 30 - Student Evaluation Division (SED).wmv

Student Evaluation Centre (SED)

Part 22 - COE.wmv

Center for Online Education

Part -18 ACD.wmv

Academic Coordination Division

Part 17 - Planning & Development Division.wmv

Planning and Development Division

Part 19 - International Division.wmv

International Division

Part 27 - Placement Cell Presentation.wmv

Placement Cell

Part 30 - Student Evaluation Division (SED).wmv

Student Evaluation Division

Part 29 - Horticulture Cell.wmv

Horticulture Cell

Part 25 - Interaction with RSD.wmv

Interaction with Regional Services Division

Part 23 - RC Delhi 3.wmv

Regional Centre Delhi III

Part 24 - RC Jaipur, RC Itanagar, RC Bangalore, RC Patna.wmv

Regional Centre Jaipur

Part 26 - RC Noida.wmv

Regional Centre Noida

Part 28- Health Centre and Librarty.wmv

Health Centre

Part 31 - Interaction with Overseas Study Centres.wmv

Interaction with Overseas Study Centres

Part 32 - Regional Services Division (RSD).wmv

Regional Services Division (RSD)

Part-33 EMPC.wmv


Part-34 SSSC.wmv


Part 36 - Administration Division.wmv

Administration Division

Part 24 - RC Jaipur, RC Itanagar, RC Bangalore, RC Patna.wmv

RC Jaipur, RC Itanagar, RC Bangalore, RC Patna

Part 37 - NCIDE.wmv


Part 38 - NCDS.wmv


Part 39 - Finance & Accounts Division.wmv

Finance & Accounts Division



Part-40 cultural programme.wmv

Cultural Programme

Part -41 Exit meeting.wmv

Exit Meeting