Ignition Institute Strategy Execution Event (SEE)

@ Rubenstein Public Relations, New York

Thank you For Attending

It was a pleasure to have you at the Institute's C-level Strategy Execution Event at Rubenstein PR, presented and facilitated by Dr. Kathryn Ritchie, CEO and founder of Ignition Institute.

We are very thankful to Richard Rubenstein for hosting us and please, if you need to talk public relations, don't walk, run to Richard.

This portal is a capture of everything we discussed and the output of the mass mind of the room.

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SEL April 18 Agenda.pdf

Full event video

Table exercise 1 capture - Environmental scan

o Identify the key External Factors at play today

o What are the implications of these external factors for organizations?

Whiteboard capture of verbal summaries

Table capture

Core themes

The rapid pace of technology is changing industries at an unprecedented rate

The pace of life is affecting work-life balance.

Uncertainty at very high level. People don't know what to train for because technology is driving change so fast.

AI will impact in ways we can't even conceive yet.

People are living longer

Creation of less jobs

Attention spans have changed drastically

Table exercise 2 capture - Strategy execution challenges

o Identify the most significant strategy execution challenges you face today.

o How do these impact the performance of your organization?

Whiteboard capture of verbal summaries

Table capture

Core themes

Overcommunication. Much harder to reach the audience.

Slowness to respond in competitive market because of top heavy decision tree and lack of autonomy.

Overly complicated regulatory blockers.

With instant communication it is hard now to validate information.

Table exercise 3 capture - The Role of Culture

o What is culture?

o What is the relevance of culture in execution?

Whiteboard capture of verbal summaries

Table capture

Core themes

Cuture is the DNA of the organization.

Organizational personality - written & unwritten rules

Culture is what you do when nobody is looking.

Perceived culture and actual culture are often misaligned.

Culture begins with a strongly held bellief system

Culture must come from the top

A willingness to succeed.

Feeling like part of a family.

Diversity and transperancy

Poor culture is a blocker to execution.

Guiding principles - customer service & loyalty

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