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Above all, business is about people – how they gather and deploy talents, ideas, capital, and physical resources in some endeavour, however modest or monumental. Good businesses contribute significantly to their societies; bad businesses damage them, sometimes grievously.

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We All Started Somewhere

Like us, you probably started in business before, or long before Digital was such an imposing aspect of business life. Even though you try to keep up with changes, technology can be overwhelming. New technologies can be risky and you don’t have any burning desire to be first.

Perhaps you are unsure of where to focus on new technologies and some experience at low risk would be helpful

Like us, we expect technology will have already proved value for you in efficiency, process improvement and some growth. Perhaps some automation and communication and social media upgrades have been loaded onto a legacy model bought some time ago... and things have changed lately.

Technology Rising

AI: Peer to Peer: Internet of Things: Marketing to Bots: Automation: Machine Learning: Storage and Mobile Storage: EV's: Solarisation: Medical VR and AR: Digital-First Services:

Warning Bells

Small and agile competitors may be using these new technologies to Cherry-Pick the most valuable parts of your business. Leaving you the chaff.

"IGNITER DELIVERS creative Uniqueness"

Unique Business INTELLIGENCE

Foundation Values


Precise Proposition

Process excellence

Clear future schema

Attributes that fit

Identified levers

Future levers

Future KPI’s

Unique Customer INTELLIGENCE

Current cohorts

Future cohorts

Communities of interest

Identified Journey

Future triggers

Future levers


THEN Create unique ways to exploit the opportunities that result.

Join Ken Papps and Duncan Mclachlan On LinkedIn to follow our current work and comment on business.

Duncan our Creative Director:

Ph: +64 21 2043712

Duncan is interested in the future of work, prototyping and developing digital-first services.

Ken our Managing Director:

P +64 21 339360

Ken is interested in automation, business process, efficiency and growth using technology.


We work in a very fluid and dynamic way.

Around us is a group of expert collaborators.

We will always challenge you!

Your work with us is confidential.


Value and Values

We create bespoke solutions that result in unique opportunities for our clients. our work is supported by a considerable back catalog of business, future focus and creative consulting.

Our proposition is about knowing what is coming ‘down the pipeline’ that matters. So you can make good decisions and take the right actions..

Lately we have been monitoring A.I. Bots, DER’s, Social Media, Peer to Peer trading and Automation and prototyping opportunities.

What Others Say

“The only way to get ahead of the game is to be in it. Igniter helped us to see an entirely new game plan and how exploit it.”

“As an organisation, we really stifled the opportunities we could have exploited. Our refresh rate was way too long. Igniter showed us by shortening it we were much more open to change..”

“For the first time ever Igniter showed everyone exactly how our business model worked. We all had our own assumptions about that and often we were off the mark.”

3 Keys to Work Excellence

Insights on Point

The insights that matter improves decision making. so great work happens in the right direction.

Experience on Point

A plethora of smaller prototypes or experiments can speed up the process of innovation. Building experience in new areas.

Operate on Point

Externalised projects can run in the same environment that competitor ‘cherry picker’s enjoy, lessening their advantage.

"How can we help you to get where you want to go using technology, foresight and action?"

Ken: 021339360

Duncan: 0212043712