**If your child is ill, please remain at home! for the safety of our students, teachers and families, please keep your child home for 2 weeks prior to returning. **

The following pROCEDURES are in place for the health, safety and wellbeing of our studio family.

thank-you for helping us maintain a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment!


  • We are a HYBRID STUDIO. This means if a dancer or teacher has to be away, they will be able to continue with their classes via Zoom.

  • When a student informs us that they will be absent, we will ensure that our zoom is online and available for them at home. This will allow them to not miss a beat!

  • Wash and/or sanitize your hands at the station before entering and when exiting the waiting room or studio.

  • All students are required to bring their own water bottle to class.

  • Staff sanitize all equipment and hard surfaces between class groupings

  • Commonly used areas will be sanitized at least twice per day.

  • We follow all guidelines and/or restrictions set forth by Saskatchewan Health Authority.

  • Parents may walk their children to the waiting room upstairs or the main entrance into the downstairs studio door for pick-up/drop off.

  • There are no viewing windows in our studio. If you would like to watch, you will need to do so through our live feed.

  • If you are feeling unwell under any circumstance, please do not attend your classes. Sick persons may be sent home immediately, and you will be able to attend your class from home.

  • Masks are optional for dancers, parents & visitors.


  • Competitions fees are always non-refundable. If the competition provides a refund, we will credit your account.

  • If a family leaves the studio/Graduating Dancers & a credit was given

      • You have a 1 year period to use the credit towards a dance camp or workshop at the studio.


  • In the event of a pandemic or other act of god crisis and the studio is required to close for more than a week, we do understand that financial hardship makes paying for classes difficult.

  • While there are no refunds for online classes, zoom classes or livestream events, please contact the studio and we can work out a plan for you for your fees.

  • If you do not wish to do the online classes, you will be able to bank those class hours and apply them to camps, summer classes, workshops or classes in the fall.

  • If you decide to withdraw during a pandemic, you may do so at any time - the withdrawal fee is $125 and you will not be billed for the next month's tuition. **Please note - any amounts still owing for fees or tuition payments up to the date must be paid out (including tuition payments for a 12 month plan that would cover to the date of withdrawal).

Inside the Studio

  • Hand sanitizer should be used upon entry and exit. You child is welcome (and encouraged) to bring their own. If you prefer for them to wash their hands, they should do so immediately upon entry.

  • If a member of the Ignite Danceworks Inc. team notices your child is ill or exhibiting symptoms of being sick during classes (headache, runny nose, sore throat, stomachache, etc.), you will be contacted and your child will need to stay home - NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Masks are optional, but highly recommended for dancers under the age of 12 while in the building. Plenty of water breaks are given.

  • Hallways are not the areas for students to hang out and roam around in - only instructors should be moving from room to room.

      • If your child is in-between classes, they should hang on in the student lounge area on the mezzanine

      • Students are able to use the microwave to warm up their food

      • Students are able to use the water cooler to fill up their waterbottles. All students are encouraged to bring at least 2-3 waterbottles with them, thus reducing the need to fill up their waterbottle at the water station

  • All floors/mirrors/door handles, etc, are washed after the class level has finished (such as all mini students are finished), and also when needed (such as if bare feet are used). Barres, doorknobs, mirrors and props are disinfected after each group


  • Students should use hand sanitizer as they exit their studio.

  • Please take all belongings with you.

Exposures & Positive Cases

If the studio has been notified by a Sask Health or a Family in any class that a dancer, parent or instructor has tested positive for Covid OR has been identified as a close contact to a positive case by SHA; please follow these steps and ask these questions:

Remember, we aim to maintain a Safe, Welcoming and Inclusive environment at the studio. It's our goal to keep identities confidential whenever possible. We will not post your personal information or anything pertaining to Covid cases on social media, and we appreciate if our studio families do the same.

If you have been exposed to Covid but are not considered a close contact:

Stay home and take classes through zoom for 14 days. It's always better to be safe!

If it's a dancer or instructor that has been identified as a close contact:

Questions we will need to know are:

  • Have you been contacted by SHA and been advised to self-isolate? Is so, what date do they need to isolate until?

  • If the close contact is a dancer: Do they have siblings that dance at the studio? If so, what did SHA advise about the siblings?

  • If the close contact is a team members: Are the Instructor's family members self-isolating? Does this instructor have any other children who dance? What did SHA advise with regards to the other children?

Once we have the conversation with said affected, we will determine if more action needs to be taken; if so, a notice will immediately be sent out to those classes directly affected.

It is expected that the families involved will stay in contact with us every few days to keep us informed of any changes, good or bad.

If it is a confirmed positive case of a dancer or team member:

We will reach out to the family and ask them to provide additional information to help us protect the other members of the studio family. As much transparency as possible would be appreciated! Your identity will NOT be shared by the studio; only generic details regarding the case itself.

Questions we will need to know are:

  • When did your symptoms begin?

  • When did you receive the positive result?

  • When was the last time you were at the studio OR with anyone from your class?

  • Were you directed by SHA to self-isolate? What is the date you are to self-isolate until?

  • If it's a dancer: Does this dancer have any siblings who also dance at the studio? What did SHA advise about the siblings?

  • If it's a team member: Are the instructor's family members also self-isolating? Does this instructor have children that dance at the studio? What did SHA advise with regards to the other children?

If a dancer or team member has tested positive or deemed a close contact, they will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days from the onset of symptoms or exposure. Once their 14 days are up, Sask Health will clear them. There is no documentation provided by Sask Health to say the dancer/team member have been cleared, so we must take everyone at their word. If you are seriously concerned that you have not been cleared then please contact Sask Health directly.

You are not required to contact the studio if it is a sibling of a dancer who's class had a case but we do appreciate you letting us know. It helps everyone to be extra careful!