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Getting Started

You’ll need to be logged into your IGBIS-provided account in order to access the Splash Page. If you see an error like the one at right, or a blank screen, that means you're either logged into the wrong account, or not logged in at all.

Click to login to your IGBIS-provided Google Account, then make your way back here and reload.

This is the navigation panel for this site:

This site your viewing now hosts the underlying Splash Page application, which is embedded at Home. However, you can choose to use the Splash Page in Full Screen mode, which saves space. The Help page takes you here, and Parent Account gives specialized instructions on using the Splash Page with the mobile Chrome browser.

Core Functionality

The main use of the Splash Page is to allow our users a quick and easy way to find stuff they need. Schools are busy places with a lot of information being produced; we need a top-level organizing tool to help us organize ourselves.

The tabs Academics, Community and ones with Students, Teachers, and Parents in their names are built for you.

Not everyone sees the same tabs or buttons. Depending on your role in the school, you have different tabs, with different buttons displayed within.

Parents can see what students see by using the Switch Role feature (pictured): Click on icon in the red panel on the upper-right of the Splash Page. (You will not see all of these.)

Those with Super Admin role can change all the tabs and buttons. Students can become a parent. Staff can become a new staff, parent or student. Parents can become a student. Admin Support can become staff or student.

Another use of the Splash Page is as a personal bookmarking tool for your own needs. You can create your own tabs and add buttons to areas of the Google Drive that you need.

The video on the left demonstrates the Switch Role feature above, and steps on how to create your own tabs and buttons.


For the curious

If you're curious to look under the hood on how the application works, feel free to take a look at this video. #geekalert