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 Muriedas Newsweek is a project created by the team and students of the PEB IES Muriedas


We stayed there the days 3, 4 and 5 of April.

The first thing we did when we got there was to settle in and, after that, the monitors explained to us the rules and how it worked. Before having lunch, we did some fun activities where we met all the monitors (they were kind).

Then we had lunch in a big dining room with other children from another high school. After eating, they gave us our mobiles so we could talk with our families. Then we played some activities like baseball and dodgeball, and after that, we had a snack. After a while, we did other activities and then we had dinner and did a night activity and just then we went to bed.

The next morning, we started playing some games and after lunch, we went to a zip-line park in a mountain near the camp. There we spent a wonderful time. When we came back, we had dinner and got ready for the disco where we danced and sang a lot.

The last morning, we packed our bags, cleaned the cabins and had breakfast. Then we went on a trip the beach “Los Juglares.” When we came back, we said goodbye and got on the bus.

To sum up, we had a great experience and if it were up to us, we would repeat it.

Anna Kharechko & Gabriela Gómez 2ºC

The Campout was very interesting,  we had a lot of fun and we met a lot of kids from other school called “Alisal”.

The best thing of the camp was the evenings becuase we went to other cabins and the last evening all the schools got together out the cabins and we played hide-and-seek.

We liked the free time too, because we could play whatever we wanted.

The second day, we went to a zipline and we had a snack afterwards. In the evening we had the disco, the songs were in Spanish, though. It was in a closed place, there was a lot of lights with diffents colous. It was a very funny and exciting.

We liked a lot this campsite although, the cabins were a little old but it didn’t matter because we didn’t stay in  so long time.

I recommend it and I would like to go back next year, because it was the best experience ever.


Paula Uslé 1º B

I am a student of the bilingual program of the Muriedas High School and I went to an English camp for three days and two nights, a month ago. It was a fantastic experience and I had a lot of fun.

The campsite is in a villaje called Garaña in Asturias. The facilities there were very nice and quite big. We slept in cabins, and there were cabins for girls and cabins for boys. Also, there was a big building where the monitors and teachers spelt.

The first day, the monitors showed us our cabins and we did some activities, although they were a bit boring. Then, we had luch in a big dining room. In the afternoon, the monitors gave us one o two hours of free time. In the evening, we had dinner and the monitors organized a late evening meeting.

The second day, we woke up at half past eight and we had brerakfast at half past nine. The breakfast was really good, in my opinión. Later, we did more activities all the morning. At two o´clock, we had luch and the food was ok, but not enough for so many people. In the afternoon, we went to a zipeline park by coach. There, they gave us a lillte snack. We came back about eight o’clock. We took a shower and had dinner. Then, we went tp the disco and we danced until eleven o’clock.

The last day, we woke up at the same time of the second day. We had breakfast and we went to a smaill beach near there. Later, we came back and we had lunch for last time. Then the bus came and we went  back home.

I spent a very good time these three days and I hope I can repeat it some day. Also, I will recommend the camp to all my friends.

Diego Toca San José 1º B


This year, the job made by the 1ºESO bilingual group have focused their attention into new discoveries, music, equality gender and space missions.

Not everyone is on camera, but all of the students deserve a huge hurrah because of their great job. 

So, just click on the videos!!




The TEI program has allowed older students to meet younger ones and offer them the possibility of getting to know each other, as well as helping them whenever they need a shoulder to rely on. 


The other day, 2° and 4°ESO students were able to spend time together doing a race with plenty of games proposed by the teachers. 

The games consisted on different challenges to do with your group and partner with the goal of getting as much points as possible. 

As the race progressed, the energy in the room was palpable, with students cheering on their teammates and strategizing to improve their scores. 

The competition was successful and the students returned to their classes with an amused smile on their faces. 


They hope to continue attending similar activities in the future to promote collaboration between partners and build a strong sense of community within the school. 

Nestor Fernandez Saiz (4º) Jana Alvarez (4º)

Spelling Bee

During these last months of February and March, 2023, we had been celebrating a Spelling Bee contest among our students of the bilingual program. On Thursday the 30th and Friday the 31st we had our exciting finals, where the last standing students went head to head to become the Queen Bee of Spelling!

Xmas in UnStyle

We're celebrating the beginning of Christmas and the end of the term by coming to school wearing our most ugly christmassy sweater on the day of the 23rd of December.

Do you fear style? We fear boring.

Halloween Contest '22 Winners!

These are some of our winning students of the Halloween Contest of the year 2022, Miranda and Gabriela. Thanks for participating and enjoy your prize!

Helping Others

On these days, the country is fully immersed in the main food donation campaign that takes place yearly, and our students of 3A PEB wanted to contribute and be supportive with those that are having more difficult times. 

Music in Muriedas

This year the 1st ESO students belonging to the PEB have made loads of music. It has been a bit difficult to keep the concentration and coordination between all of us, but after many rehearsals, failed and successful attempts and a lot of laughter, here are some of the best performances. We hope you enjoy them!

Here is 1º ESO A with the cup song. In April we had the rhythm mastered, but in June we have cups, a lot of rhythm and even singers!

Introducing 1º ESO B. In May they played Bella ciao, an Italian folk song well known to our students thanks to the series "Money Heist". And in June we played May it be, from the soundtrack of "The Lord of the Rings". 

Back to the Past

Wellcome to back to the past. Interviews between first and third year high school bilingual students about the life of some important historical figures. 

News headline designed by Sergio Gómez García  

Trip to Atapuerca

Brief review: Trip to the Atapuerca sites and the Museum of Human Evolution 

The students of the 4th year that are enrolled in scientific-related subjects (Biology and Scientific Culture) went on an interesting and mind-blowing trip to Atapuerca. There, we visited the sites as well as the Human Evolution Museum.

This new experience allowed us to increase our knowledge about evolution. Hence, we have developed a true interest in the circumstances our ancestors lived in.

On the whole, the vast majority of us enjoyed most of the activities we were involved in, especially one in which we were throwing ancestral weapons (arrows and spears), recreating the hunting our forefathers once did.

3th ESO Sustainable Development Goals in Comics

In art class, we have been working with the Sustainable Development Gassico, also known as MUJA , a museum about how dinosaurs lived around the Conlunga area some millions years ago . 

Figures, bones, and footprints can be seen inside the museum and along the coast that surround thisoals and applying them to comics. T'is is the result of some of the works presented. 

The level of drawing and creativity of these compositions is almost professional, don't you think?

4th ESO and 1st Bach trip to the Roman city of Julióbriga

The Latin teacher explaining which was the most important city of "Roman Cantabrica" according to some writers.

Roman writing workshop.

Last May 6th (2022), some 4th ESO and 1º Bach students went to Juliobriga, where they visited Juliobriga’s former city and the Domus with their Latin teacher. Here we have three students giving us some information about this spectacular place.

(10-05-22) Interviews front to front

Last May 10th students of different levels interviewed each other about the lifestyle in the highschool.


Interviews about life in highschool 


Interviews about life in highschool 

1st ESO trip to MUJA (29-04-22)

Last 29th of april (2022), the 1st ESO students went to Museo del Jurásico, also known as MUJA, a museum about how dinosaurs lived around the Conlunga area some millions years ago

Figures, bones, and footprints can be seen inside the museum and along the coast that surround this  area.

A great recommendation for those within 8 to teen ages.





On Friday, 29th April, all students in 1st year went to the Jurassic museum in Asturias. We were all on the same bus and the hour and a half journey went by quickly. 

Once there, the first thing we did was go to the beach of La Griega, where we saw dinosaur footprints and we had a snack and played a football game, while others tried to do somersaults in the sand. 

Before entering the museum we were divided into two groups: the non-bilinguals, entered first and the students in the bilingual programme entered later on. The visit lasted for an hour and while the non-bilinguals were visiting the museum,  we were in the meadow watching the dinosaur statues and playing.

It was our turn to enter the museum, which from above is shaped like a dinosaur footprint, we learned many things: all dinosaurs were terrestrial and birds are still dinosaurs!

At the end of the visit there was a gift shop where you could buy many things such as tattoos, chocolate, keychains, pens, stuffed animals ... Although everything was very expensive. 

Then, we had lunch and went to the swings of the park and we were playing for a long time. Most of us went to buy a Calippo and there we were until four in the afternoon.

On our way back we had a lot of fun as everyone was talking to each other and teaching each other funny things. We arrived at the high school at half past five, and from there we went to our respective homes.

In short, the tour was very entertaining, and we learned a lot of things!

Gabriela Gómez y Anna Kharechko 1ºA


On the bus I sayed on the first floor with Gael, Esteban, Pedro, Joserra, Neco and Pablo B. We were together for a while. 

First, we went to the “Playa de la Griega” and to the Jurassic Museum of Muja.

On the beach we saw some dinosaur footprints and we played to kick the ball away from us. 

From there, we went to the museum. It was divided into three parts (the three stages: Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic). We had lunch and each of us played a little game. 

On the way back I played a game on the mobile phone, which was about killing people on Earth with a bacteria... It was a great day!

Sergio Gómez 1ºA

Our Trip to Cabuerniaventura

1º ESO

On Monday 4th of April we went on a trip to Cabuerniaventura and we had a great time! Firstly, we went on the bus, it took us forty minutes and when we arrived, we were divided into groups.

Our group went first to the boxes. In this game we had to go up on some boxes keeping the balance.

After that, we rode the karts. There was a circuit with signs and there was also a taxi for four passengers.Carmen, I hope you are well.Then, we went to a tent where you could do archery, minigolf or table football. Archery was a bit difficult, although we hit the target once.

Later, we had lunch and fought over the olives, which a friend had brought. While we were eating the sandwich, we realized what someone was missing, and as we looked up we saw him stuck on a zip line.  We love you!!!!After lunchtime, we went to the climbing wall which was a bit tiring. We did this part quickly because most of us did not manage to get to the end and others did not try.

Finally, we went to the Great Zip line, which was the best of all. The only problem is that it was very short, and you had to climb a lot to be able to get on it. As we were the last to go, and we had almost no time to go up and when we were on the bus, we had to wait for two girls because they hadn’t had their turn yet. Overall, it was a fantastic day!

Gabriela Gómez and Anna Kharechko 1ºA

On Monday fourth of April we went to Cabuerniaventura.

We were divided in groups. My group started whit the small climbing wall.

Later, we went to a small zip line.

And, before lunch, we went to the big zip line where I was stuck.

After eating our lunch, we went to a big climbing wall, we did archery an plyed a game called  "boxes". It was fun!

Sergio Gómez 1ºA

Sustainable Development Goals

News Bulletins

Check out the news programmes that we recorded to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals. We hope you like it!





Sammtalk Project: presentation video

This is the presentation video our 2nd Bachillerato students made for the Sammtalk virtual exchange with schools in Norway and Sweden. Enjoy!



My school, IES Muriedas, has just started to participate in the TEI programme this year. This programme is based on helping new 1st ESO students not to suffer from bullying through the help of other students currently studying 3rd ESO.

A few weeks ago, we were informed about and trained in this programme. Last month, we were each assigned to a student of 1st ESO. We were talking and getting to know each other with the aim of them becoming more confident so that later on these first year students will tell us if someone is bullying them to put an end to it if it is the case.

In my opinion, this programme is very useful. I am sure that it will help first year students who are new at school and do not know much about it. Besides having someone to tell their problems to, they have someone to ask if they do not know something. I would have liked to have had a TEI tutor so that I wouldn't have entered the school so insecure and not knowing anything.

 Adriana Salgado Sainz - 3ºA

This year, the teachers and the director of our school have done a program called TEI that consists of third-year students becoming tutors to first-year students. It means that the third-year students have to look after first-year students, talking with them to know if something is wrong or if they are experiencing bullying.

The other day, we met the student who moved us. The event took place on the playground of our high school. There, we did an interview about their old school and friends with our first-year classmates. We talked a little after that.

In my view, this is an excellent idea to improve collaboration and prevent bullying.

Diego De la Hoz Brea - 3ºA 

Science trip

On the 9th of February, my classmates and I went to “La Vidriera“ to have a talk with a scientist.

We left the school at half past nine and we walked through the street with people from other classrooms while having fun with them. Then, we arrived at “La Vidriera” at ten o'clock, and we were very tired because we had to walk 3 km! But fortunately, we arrived on time.

After that, we got into “La Vidriera” and we went to a theater room. We were sitting down in the chairs when the scientist appeared on the stage, prepared his presentation, and started talking with us. His talk was about the things in common between science and films and he let us participate in his talk.

Let's see..... what can I say about this experience? I can say it was amazing, the scientist was very nice, his presentation was interesting and also free… I would like to repeat the trip next year.

Néstor Fernandez Sáiz 3ºA PEB

Science and Cinema

An excursion?! How long had it been since the last one? That was what the third ESO students thought when we left the school grounds. 

Monitored by our esteemed physics and chemistry teachers, we left the High School and headed on a pleasant walk (we are grateful to stretch our legs) towards the Vidriera. It’s quite close, so we could chat for a while and didn’t need a bus.

When we got there, we positioned ourselves next to our classmates. I strongly believe it was to keep a better eye on us…

Once there, the scientist introduced himself to us and we talked about his job related to particles.

Afterwards, we all had a great chat about cinema and science: how they are related, types, the most famous animated movies (it turned out to be Frozen 2!), the relationship of why many movies are based on science (like Interstellar), and the fact that scientists have to help in most movies. For example, they help with the movement and behavior of animals, plants, even the movement of snow and leaves to make more realistic and more high-quality films such as ‘Finding Nemo’ (the specialist were looking for faults since they wanted a film that will adapt to reality). We even talked about scientists like Dian Fossey and their daily contributions to the world we live in. We had such a great time.

I think that the best part was that it was a very interactive talk and they let us participate so we were all (at least most of us I could say) paying attention.

In my opinion, we should do more of these activities. They may let us go to other excursions in the future. 

I pray for it…

Jana Álvarez Horna 3ºA PEB

Manos Unidas Contest

The Forgotten



Our main idea was to show the selfishness of society that already has resources such as money, work, health, food, and this vice of wanting more and more without caring about the limits and consequences, without thinking about the other people (the forgotten ones), who have nothing.


We now know that there are forgotten people all over the world who need our help.

Thanks to this project, we will be able to help them and make people aware of their situation. In this way, we will reduce the number of forgotten people and make the world a better and more sustainable place, thus meeting the sustainable development goals of 2030 Agenda.


During this project, we have obtained some very shocking data about the mortality of the forgotten people:

1. An estimated 5.6M people die each year due to lack of access to health services.

2. Hunger kills at least 2.1M people per year (lack of food).

3. At least 67,000 women lose their lives every year due to female genital mutilation or are killed by their partner or ex-partner.

4. Every year, 23,100 people could lose their lives in poor countries because of the climate crisis.

Keren Muñoz, Daniela Ortega, Adriana Salgado, Jorge Santos 



Shopping, shopping, shopping

For many millions of people this is routine, right?

But is this the reality of all?

Nowadays, more than 3000 million people cannot afford a healthy diet. 24.000 people die each day from hunger, and 18.000 of them are boys and girls.

Each day the situation is getting worse. If we bear developing countries in mind, this data is shocking.

But…where do these numbers come from?

The numbers come from big crises of the moment: covid, relations between countries…

This produces a lack of resources and bad distribution.

Rubén Lavín, Judith Lombardo, Adrián Manzanares, Marina Valdivieso 3ºA PEB

Our first News Broadcasts

In a particular way, we are trying to show our students how a news tv program works. 

A good activity is to build our own news broadcast. 

Every student, had to find a headline from any online newspaper and write down some paragraphs summarizing its content. 

The result is as shown.

Welcome to our fist post

Welcome home!


Working every year with a bilingual project isn't really easy, but with todays online tools the job can be even joyful. 

This blog-magazine is an attempt to preserve our main activities at the school and explore what the world can bring us today in terms of information and communication.

At our secondary school, this academic year 2021-2022 we will be working on activities in connection with the SDG (Sustainable Sevelopment Goals).

So, sit down and enjoy!